Hey, Leasing Pro!

Leasing AgentWe created a special profile just for you that helped you navigate through Apartmentalize. Leasing professionals like yourself almost always wear a smile—and we know you were smiling from ear to ear during Apartmentalize. Whether you couldn't make it to this year's event, or didn't have time to attend every session, we kept you in mind with some need-to-know takeaways that will leave a lasting smile on your face. 

Here are some key takeaways: 

  • How Did You Find Us? Tracking Today’s Multi-Touch Renter Journey

Today’s savvy resident does not find properties through a single touch point; they interface with businesses in multiple ways before acting. 50% of renters visit five or more websites before the set foot into your leasing office. If we only give credit to the first source, then we are indicating that none of the other sources have any value.

  • Stay Calm & Demand Funnel On: Strategies that Drive Conversions

Demand generation isn’t about buying the most leads—it’s about converting leads that are the most qualified.

  • Amenities: The Misunderstood Revenue Driver

An amenity is something discreet and unique from one unit to another. Types of amenities include view, size, feature, finish, prestige and proximity.

  • The 2020s: Can Apartments Meet the Demand?

It is growing more difficult to add housing to fast-growing areas, as NIMBYISM is much more effective today with the internet and social media.