Hey, Boss!

Independent Owners We created a special profile just for you to navigate through Apartmentalize. With so much to see and do over the course of last week, we pulled together some key takeaways with you in mind. IRO is short for “over achiever,” so there’s no doubt you wanted to squeeze every ounce of knowledge you could out of your Apartmentalize experience. We hope you did!

Here are our key takeaways:

  • How Successful Independent Rental Owners Deal with Difficult Conflicts

Establish a feeling of collaboration: build a positive reputation, encourage communication and foster a community feeling with residents.

  • Cybersecurity for IRO's: How to Protect from Data Theft

Be aware of scams and train your staff to also be aware. Have an electronic safety policy and a data breach response plan.

  • Smart Homes for Smart People

The top most important smart home amenities to residents are security cameras, keyless entry, smart thermostats, security system and outlet controls.

  • Stronger Than the Storm: Property Management and Natural Disasters

Being prepared and devising effective strategies can help a property management company get through a disaster.