Thursday, June 14

Being Awesome: Self, Creativity, Community

What does it mean to be awesome? These days, it doesn’t just mean awe-inspiring, and the idea resonates with us, but we don’t necessarily want to stoke fires of awe in everyone we meet. Explore the origins and importance of being awesome and develop strategies for being more awesome, more often. Being awesome is a matter of cultivating our individuality in a way that creates and sustains community. Awesome people are able to be themselves without alienating others or pressuring them to conform, and they are creative community builders whose generosity, social curiosity and cooperativeness make them inspiring leaders, team players and unfailing friends.

Riggle received his Ph.D. in philosophy from New York University and BA in philosophy from UC Berkeley. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of San Diego.


Nick Riggle
Job Title: 
Author and Philosopher
Thriving in the Age of Distraction

For the first time in history, we live in a world without any barriers to connection or communication, which has fundamentally altered the way people work, engage, communicate and relate to one another. The same technology both simplifies processes and compromises our focus and makes it even more difficult to reach increasingly distracted customers. We are asked to process four times the information that Americans dealt with in 1986, but with less space and time to actually think. Advertisements, alerts, emails, constant notifications—no wonder the average American struggles to make it three minutes without being interrupted!

Steinhorst will discuss the great challenges we face in a constantly-connected world, revealing: How did we get here? How deep does this distraction issue go? And where do we go from here?


Curt Steinhorst
Job Title: 
Entrepreneur & Founder of FocusWise
Win as One: The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy

What do the world's most successful teams have in common? The ability to upgrade their "teamwork" to Human Synergy! If your goal is to increase performance by inspiring your team to adapt, overcome and win as ONE, learn the Eight Essential Elements of Human Synergy to impart the attitude and mindset that allows groups of ordinary people to accomplish truly extraordinary feats together, especially when the stakes are high, the goals are audacious, and constant change is the only thing your team can count on. Leave with tangible ideas about how to raise your team to the next level against all odds, both personally and professionally. Benincasa will share her most epic and meaningful moments in Adventure Racing to showcase how Human Synergy pushed them farther and faster in pursuit of their goals. 


Robyn Benincasa
Job Title: 
World Champion Adventure Racer, 2014 CNN Hero, Full Time Firefighter, New York Times Bestselling Author, 3x Guinness World Record Endurance Kayaker
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