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NAA’s Co-Branded Membership Growth Program

To help support your membership growth efforts NAA has developed co-branded marketing tools aimed at communicating the value of joining local, state and national associations (The NAA Network).

units Magazine Campaign

NAA will mail free copies of units Magazine to your list of prospective members during a few months of the year. Included with each copy of units will be a one-page letter highlighting the benefits of joining their local apartment association and the NAA Network. The letter will also include your association and NAA’s logo.

Click here to view an example of the marketing letter.

Please send your most recent list of member prospects with their mailing and email (if you have emails) addresses to David Edwards.

Email Membership Marketing

The email marketing campaign will take the similar approach as the units direct mail campaign: communicating the value of joining the NAA Network, beginning at the local and state level, and co-branding the message with all association logos. The email design format will allow you to add in local apartment photos to the email header, which will give the message a more localized look and feel. NAA can send the email out on your behalf and the message will appear as if it is being sent from your association (example [email protected]).  NAA can also provide activity reports on which prospects reviewed the emails.

Click here to view an example of the email.

Please send your most recent list of member prospects with e-mail addresses to David Edwards.

If you would like to be a part of both programs, please send one list that combines the mailing and email addresses.