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NAA Affiliate Funding

NAA Affiliate Assistance Fund

Purpose and Eligible Activities
The purpose of the NAA Affiliate Assistance Fund (“AAF”) is to support non-government affairs-related projects of significant importance to NAA affiliates. Examples of items for which AAF funds may be used include, but are not limited to: operating expenses incurred to improve delivery of member services (i.e. purchasing membership communications software and professional services, educational programming on local ordinances, regulations and issues that are specific to the affiliate, and/or membership recruiting activities that would otherwise not qualify for funding under NAA’s Strategic Growth or other initiative.

Application Process and Requirements
Requests for AAF funding must be submitted by an NAA affiliated association. All applications will be considered first by the NAA Membership Committee before being forwarded, with a recommendation, to the NAA Board of Directors for review at its next scheduled meeting. If expedited consideration of the affiliate AAF application is needed the NAA Board of Directors will consider and vote upon the application within 10 business days by electronic means. The NAA Board of Directors, by majority vote, shall have final approval regarding the awarding of all AAF funds.

A maximum of $100,000 may be distributed from the AAF per year; however NAA reserves the right to make distributions in an amount less than the maximum amount. Once this cap has been reached additional AAF funds may only be distributed if an emergency exception is approved by the NAA Board of Directors by a 2/3 majority vote. All applications will be evaluated on their merits and only the strongest applications will be funded.

Please review the application criteria before applying for assistance. All applicants must complete the online AAF Application Form. 

Affiliate Assistance Fund Form


Industry Mobilization Fund

  • The purpose of the NAA Industry Mobilization Fund (IMF) is to support advocacy efforts to address issues of major significance to the apartment industry. Examples of items for which IMF funds may be used include, but are not limited to:
  • State and local advocacy campaigns (e.g. defeating rent control regulation, inspection ordinances, building code retrofit requirements),
  • national advocacy efforts, not presently supported adequately through NAA’s government affairs program,
    public opinion polling (e.g. support for higher rents in exchange for greater energy efficiency in apartments), or
  • research projects; the results of which could be utilized nationally in a positive way (i.e. alternatives to sprinkler retrofit mandates or economic impacts of rent control).

Awards from the IMF cannot be used to fund campaign contributions to any individual running for elected office. As well, any activities which are in conflict with NAA policy positions will not be funded.

Please review the IMF overview and application criteria below before applying for funding.  All applications are accepted through an online form.  

For more information on the IMF, please contact Fred Tayco

Industry Mobilization Form


Association Management Software and Computer Assistance Fund

Purpose and Eligible Activities

The purpose of the Association Management Software (AMS) and Computer Fund is to assist affiliates with the expenses related to implementing an AMS platform or acquiring hardware to use with an AMS platform.

Application Process and Requirements

Requests for AMS funding must be submitted by an NAA affiliated association. The application will be reviewed and the affiliate will be contacted.

In order to apply for the funding, an affiliate must meet the financial requirements outlined here. The maximum award for the AMS Assistance Fund is $6,500. If an affiliate requires a computer, they may apply for the Computer Equipment Assistance Fund which allows for no more than one computer.

To apply for either fund, download the application. Once complete, forward it to [email protected].


Strategic Growth Fund

Purpose and Eligible Activities 

The purpose of the Strategic Growth Fund (SGF) is to assist NAA affiliates with a market infiltration rate of 50 percent or below in major metropolitan areas to grow their membership. To be considered for funding, an affiliate must complete the strategic growth fund application in its entirety.   

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered, an affiliate must fully complete the attached application. Submitting an application does not guarantee that NAA will fund your plan. Your Association’s ability to fund your plan will be considered. If the application doesn’t meet the set criteria, NAA will contact the affiliate to assist in completing the application. If the application meets the stated criteria, the application will be submitted to the NAA Membership Committee for review.

NAA reserves the right to grant partial funding and/or to refuse funding at its sole discretion.

Application Process and Requirements

Applications for funds may be made at any time. To be considered, the affiliate must complete an application, which would include a completed Affiliate Strategic Growth Plan. To be considered, the application must include a detailed budget, goals and timelines for meeting the goals. To be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the NAA Membership Committee, please submit a minimum of five weeks prior to Advocate, Apartmentalize or AOD.

For more information please contact Donna Butcher.

Industry Mobilization Form