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Affiliate Portal

The Affiliate Portal allows affiliate staff to download a report of all their association’s members and nonmembers from NAA’s database, upload their full roster during April and October roster reporting periods, and quickly and easily add and remove membership.

Please review the in-depth information and instructions for use related to the various functionalities of the Affiliate Portal below.

Roster Reporting

NAA asks its affiliates to upload a complete membership roster to the Affiliate Portal under the Roster Updates tab twice a year, in April and October, to remain in compliance with the NAA Performing Standards for affiliate associations.

Please use the Roster Template under Resources to ensure all required member information is reported properly. The file type must be .csv to upload.

Before uploading your full membership roster to the Affiliate Portal, make sure to review the Roster Guide as well as the Roster Training Video under Resources as some things have changed.

For questions regarding rosters and/or roster reporting, please contact Olivia Foroughi or Lawrence Cox.

Membership Updates

The Affiliate Portal easily allows affiliates to search, add and remove membership for accounts that already exist in NAA’s database using the Membership Updates tab. Please review the Membership Updates Guide and the Membership Updates Training Video under Resources for in-depth instructions.

To add membership to an account that does not yet exist in NAA’s database and/or to update account information, please use the Membership Updates Template under Resources and email it to [email protected].

If you have an urgent membership update, you can contact NAA’s Client Solutions Center at 833-86-MYNAA or [email protected], and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.


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