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Recruiting and Retaining

2015 Affiliate Challenge

A Guide to Building and Maintaining an Active Membership

Communicate joining the NAA Network based on Net Operating Income (NOI)

  • Highlight member value base on NOI as it provides a stronger “value proposition” for prospective members.
  • Attribute member business financial success to involvement in the NAA Network 
  • Convey to prospects that joining NAA will help them improve their NOI and to not second-guess joining

Example testimonials (NOI value propositions) that illustrate the membership worth 

(The contents below are factual and can be tailored for your use)


The NAA Lease saves me thousands of dollars annually in legal costs. It helps streamline all of my properties in an efficient and cost-effective way. Very efficient and saves me money. 

Lease Testimonial 

“Waterton Residential LLC is active in 13 NAA affiliated apartment associations, including Chicagoland Apartment Association (CAA) where Waterton is headquartered. One of the primary reasons we participate is the NAA National Lease Program; is that all Waterton properties use the lease for operational consistency. NAA’s legal review process saves Waterton over $15,000 per market in legal fees, which totals $195,000 annually. NAA also hires local attorneys to review the lease and keep it locally compliant. The money and time Waterton saves more than covers our annual dues.”

- Greg Lozinak, COO, Waterton Residential


NAA’s proactive legislative support and advocacy have allowed me to save significantly on my properties.

Legislative Advocacy Testimonial

“Joining AAMD and NAA has been a very good decision. Anti-business legislation costs our industry tens of thousands of dollars each year. As a result of AAMD and NAA's proactive legislative efforts, owners such as myself, realized savings from potentially negative laws and excessive legislation of more than $85.00 per apartment last year. I own and manage 1500 units, and as a result of AAMD/NAA’s support, the savings to me and my clients was over $127,000. Join today and become a part of this amazing network.”

- Don Werner, Owner, Metrex Property Group, Inc.


The educational offering has helped me and my employees attain the needed industry knowledge to increase my properties’ efficiency. 

Education Testimonial

“The Nevada State Apartment Association’s training and education classes have been invaluable to our company. We directly attribute performance improvements from the classes, thereby helping grow revenues and reduce expenses. The relentless legislative lobbying and support has resulted in favorable financial impact on our portfolio’s NOI, helping us deliver stronger results to our clients. The NSAA also affords us access to a greater pool of information. Membership with NSAA and NAA has been priceless.”

- Debra Kopolow, Regional Vice President- Pinnacle Family of Companies

Best Practices & Relationships Built

The best practices learned, the exchange of information at the events and the relationships built through the association have enhanced our company’s productivity.

Best Practices & Relationships Testimonial

“I have been very impressed with the wealth of information exchanged during the NAA best practices conference calls. As result of my participation I was able to procure a more cost-effective means for lead paint testing and identify a cheap tub liner ($10) which made it unnecessary to continue the painting of my units’ bath tubs. I saved thousands of dollars as a result of the call. Take an hour out of your day and listen in. It could save you thousands too. Thank you NAA!”

- Frank Barefield, Owner, Abbey Residential

Best Practices & Relationships Testimonial

“Additionally, the association provides our team opportunities to meet with other industry professionals on a regular basis through meetings and mixers. These networking events provide our firm with increased industry knowledge through the exchange of industry best practices. Our team has come away with solutions to issues we had not thought about, other income ideas / opportunities and most importantly, phenomenal relationships throughout Nevada. The NSAA affords us access to a greater pool of information. Membership with NSAA and NAA has been priceless.”

- Debra Kopolow, Regional Vice President, Pinnacle Family of Companies


Showcase the depth and breadth of the product and services that comes with NAA membership.

  • NAA Government Affairs – Protecting the industry through local, state and national advocay initiatives and grassroots mobilization.
  • NAA Click & Lease Program – Concise. Customizable. Current. Designed to maximize profit and mitigate risk.
  • NAA Education Institute – Skill development that maximizes NOI
  • Meetings & Expositions – Events that provide professional, educational and business opportunities that help increase your NOI.
  • Industry Resources – An array of products that include the national award-winning units Magazine, newsletters, website and social media designed to keep you up to date on the latest development in our industry.
  • NAA Open Door Program – Exclusive NAA member benefit that offers valuable services and competitive prices to members. 


Involve Your Board and Key Members in Growing Your Association 

The key to growing your association is ensuring that there is support from the group up. It is imperative that your Board of Directors (BOD) and key members are involved and support your efforts in effectively reaching out to non-members and communicating the value of association membership. 

  • Identify board and key members who will assist you in your efforts.  
  • Ensure that those who volunteered understand and are committed to the successful execution of this initiative (e.g. one email and call per week - Please use parameters that best meet the expectations of those involved). 
  • Address the requirements to execute successfully this initiative with volunteers (e.g. one email and call per week – Please use parameters that best meet the expectations of those involved.) 
  • Confirm volunteer commitment to the plan. 
  • Hold a preliminary meeting with the board and key members to review Membership Growth Challenge and discuss the membership value they experienced as a part of the NAA Network (local, state and national).  
  • The peer-to-peer approach will significantly help in communicating the value proposition and will reinforce the NAA co-branded marketing initiative. 
  • List your target audience (non-members) by title and business. Examine the prospect list to ensure that prospects are matched up with the appropriate member. For example, if there are regional manager-level prospects, match them with a C-Level or regional-level person on your board or within your membership who can best highlight the benefits for them. Supplier-to-supplier connections are also most beneficial. If there are no direct industry and supplier matches, identify the best person within your volunteer team to contact each prospective member. Split the list among volunteers.  
  • Set up a monthly conference call or bi-weekly emails to ensure that there is proper tracking of contacts and results.  
  • See example testimonials on effective ways to communicate the value of NAA 

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