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Recycling Mandates

Recycling Mandates

Issue Overview

Cities are increasingly focused on sustainability. With waste transportation and disposal costs rising, local governments, in particular, are looking for ways to reduce waste levels significantly through mandatory recycling programs. Such programs typically involve requiring aggressive increases in diversion rates through increased recycling. 

As an Owner or Operator, How Does this Affect My Business?

Owners and management firms face increased operating costs under mandatory recycling programs, especially those with more limited resources. These programs often require significant investments to ensure properties are adequately equipped and optimized for resident compliance. While larger firms may have the capability to adapt more easily to these policies (those who focus on positioning themselves as industry leaders in sustainability as an example), the average apartment operator does not have the capacity or the requisite expertise to execute such costly changes. Moreover, depending on the age and layout of an apartment community, developers may not have prioritized locations for recycling, making compliance challenging, and in some cases, impossible to achieve.