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Eviction Screening

Eviction Screening

Issue Overview

Just as evictions are unfortunately a necessary part of doing business, eviction screening is an essential function which helps owners and operators mitigate risk and ensure the safety and security of residents and community staff. Limitations on the ability to review pending or previous filings would be a significant detriment to the owners’ review process.

As an Owner or Operator, How Does this Affect My Business?

Apartment owners and operators require full access to a complete and accurate eviction history of an applicant without limitation on evaluating previous court records. The full and accurate record gives owners and operators the most comprehensive picture of the applicant to determine his or her ability to pay rent.

Legislation placing limitations on the ability to review an applicant’s eviction court records would be a significant detriment to housing providers as they utilize these records to assess applicants’ capacity to pay rent or fulfill other responsibilities under a lease. Owners and operators provide safe, professionally maintained housing of good quality to community residents. In exchange, providers depend on responsible renters to run their business. They must fulfill their own financial obligations, including, but not limited to, maintenance, capital improvements, mortgage payments, utilities, insurance premiums, payroll and property taxes. 

Such limitations on screening would also have unintended consequences that would adversely impact low-income residents, such as greater reliance on financial records and credit scores.