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COVID-19 Related Policy Concerns

The unique nature of the rental housing industry puts apartment operators and employees on the front lines of responding to the COVID-19 outbreak in communities across the nation. Apartment owners and operators are preparing for potential impacts at their communities, working to address employee and resident concerns and doing all they can to stop the spread of the virus. 

As an Owner or Operator, How Does this Affect My Business?

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event with policymakers at all levels of government moving quickly to address emerging challenges.

Conversations about renter protection mandates should account for the impact on rental housing providers and apartment communities at-large. Similar to their residents, owners and operators may experience financial hardships that affect their ability to pay mortgage payments, employee payroll and benefits, insurance premiums and tax obligations. In the case of evictions, rental housing providers must maintain the right to evict residents in cases involving “harm to person or property,” namely matters that put the safety and security of employees and other residents at risk. 

Rental housing providers also must remain vigilant as state of emergency or public health emergency declarations may alter their responsiblities and trigger rent increase restrictions through state price-gouging laws.