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1. What is NAAPAC?

NAAPAC is the voluntary, bi-partisan political action committee of the National Apartment Association. Its mission is to promote the involvement of NAA member companies and individuals in the apartment housing industry in the political process, NAAPAC solicits voluntary contributions from individual members across the country, aggregates their political strength and supports the campaigns of national candidates who are supportive of a pro-apartment, pro-business legislative agenda.

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2. Why is NAAPAC important to the multifamily industry?

NAAPAC is important to NAA because trade associations such as NAA are prohibited from using their general treasury funds (membership dues or other revenue) to make contributions or expenditures in connection with federal elections. NAAPAC is the only vehicle through which NAA and its members may participate together in the political process via contributions and expenditures on behalf of federal candidates.

3. Who may NAAPAC solicit for contributions?

NAAPAC may solicit contributions from the restricted class of NAA's member companies. For member companies that are pass-throughs (partnerships, LLCs, etc.), contributions from those pass through companies must be attributed to the partners only. For member companies that are corporations, the restricted class includes the company's executive and administrative personnel who are paid on a salary and have policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory responsibilities. NAAPAC cannot solicit individuals outside the restricted class. As dictated by Federal Election Law, before NAAPAC can solicit the restricted class of an NAA member company, NAAPAC must seek and obtain written authorization from a corporate representative with whom NAA regularly conducts business. In a calendar year, a corporation may authorize only one trade association to solicit its restricted class.

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4. What forms of payment does NAAPAC accept?

NAAPAC can accept personal checks, credit cards and cash (NAAPAC cannot accept cash contributions in excess of $100 from an individual). NAAPAC can also accept checks, credit cards and cash from unincorporated partnerships and sole proprietorships. In addition, NAAPAC contributions can be made online. NAAPAC contributions can be made in full or in monthly/quarterly installments.

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5. Can NAAPAC accept corporate contributions?

No, NAAPAC cannot accept corporate contributions. Federal election law prohibits corporations and labor organization from making contributions and expenditures in connection with federal elections. However, NAA’s Better Government Fund, which supports NAAPAC fundraising activities, can accept corporate funds.

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6. What are the individual contribution limits to NAAPAC?

An individual may contribute up to $5,000 to NAAPAC per calendar year.

7. What information must be collected from each NAAPAC contributor?

For each contribution that exceeds $200, either by itself or when aggregated with previous contributions from the same donor during the same calendar year, NAAPAC must obtain and report the amount, date of receipt, the contributor's name, address, occupation and employer. For each contribution exceeding $50, but not greater than $200, NAAPAC must obtain the amount, date of receipt and the contributor's name and address.

8. What are the limits on disbursements that NAAPAC makes?

NAAPAC is a multicandidate committee and may contribute up to $5,000 per candidate, per election. In House and Senate races, each primary election, general election, runoff and the special election is considered a separate election with a separate limit. NAAPAC may give up to $15,000 per year to a national party committee. The Republican and Democratic parties each have three national party committees (national committee, House campaign committee and Senate campaign committee).

9. Can NAAPAC accept contributions from foreign nationals?

Foreign nationals are prohibited from making contributions in connection with any election. A foreign national is defined as an individual who is not a citizen of the United States and not lawfully admitted for permanent residence (i.e., does not have a green card).

10. Can individuals be reimbursed for their contributions?

No, individuals cannot be reimbursed for their contributions. Federal law prohibits individuals from being reimbursed or advanced financially by their company, NAA, any entity or individual for the purpose of making a contribution to NAAPAC.

11. Are contributions to NAAPAC tax deductible?

No, NAAPAC contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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