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Board of Directors Responsibilities

NAA is governed by its Board of Directors. The Board receives and evaluates reports of the Committees, Councils, Task Forces, the NAA staff, and the Executive Committee. It sets the policies and approves the important initiatives for the National Apartment Association.

The Board of Directors includes the NAA Officers, the Immediate Past NAA Chairman, 17 Regional Vice Presidents appointed by NAA’s 10 regions, two Board members at large and the NSC Chairperson. (Regions do also elect one nonvoting RVP per region who may vote in the absence of a voting RVP). Nonvoting members of the Board of Directors include: AEC President, Chairs from the Conference, Education, Independent Rental Owners, Legislative, and Membership committees, along with various other Forum, Advisory Board, and Task Force chairs. Committee and Task Force chairs are appointed by the NAA Chairman of the Board for a term of one year. The AEC and the NSC elect their President/Chairman. The Assembly of Delegates, at its annual meeting in the fall, elects the NAA officers. The Board meetings are open to anyone interested in attending.

The Board of Directors, as the governing body, is accountable for the ultimate direction of the association’s affairs. The Board is responsible for making policy, while the employees are responsible for the day-to-day management involved in implementing policy. The ultimate legal responsibility for the association’s actions (and inactions) rest with the Board. The Board can act only by majority vote of a quorum in most cases. The Board may delegate authority to act to others, such as committees. But the Board is still legally responsible for any actions taken by the committees.