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The National Apartment Association (NAA) is governed by its Board of Directors. NAA has divided the United States into 10 geographic regions to ensure that each area of the country is represented. These regions appoint delegates who serve in the Assembly of Delegates (AOD). Each region elects at least one Vice President to the Board of Directors. 

NAA’s governance structure is designed to encourage participation from the many segments of its network. Our leaders are geographically diverse and bring professional management experience from large national companies, regional companies, and smaller, owner-managed companies. Supplier members are represented by the National Suppliers Council (NSC) as are the association executives of our affiliated associations who are represented in the Association Executives Council (AEC). Each group works closely with the NAA professional staff

Further information on the NAA Board, Assembly of Delegates, Councils and Committees can be found in the NAA Policies and Procedures.


Policies and Procedures

Board of Directors

The Board is the primary governing body of NAA and includes voting and non-voting members.

Voting members include

Regional Vice Presidents; Immediate Past Chairman serving on the Executive Committee; the Chairman of the Board, Chairman-Elect, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary; the NSC Chairperson; and no more than four (4) at-large individuals selected by the Chairman of the Board and approved by the Executive Committee.

Non-voting members include

Regional Vice President alternates, Association Executive Council President; NAAEI President; NAA President; Legislative Chairperson; Apartmentalize Conference Committee Chairperson(s); Membership Committee Chairperson; Independent Rental Owners Committee Chairperson and others as approved by voting Board members.

Board Member Responsibilities

Board Members are expected to attend all annual board meetings, having reviewed written meeting material beforehand and be prepared to discuss the items on the agenda. They should support and promote NAA programs and products and seek to improve the association.

Special aspects of Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs)

These Board Members reflect NAA’s preference for proportional geographic representation for its members. Unlike other NAA board members, the RVPs are elected by delegates from their respective regions and they preside over the regional meetings. They are expected to be conversant with the status and activities of the affiliated associations in their region. RVPs also appoint NAA members from their region to serve on NAA standing committees.

Board of Directors

2021 Officer Application 

2021 Current Officer Declaration Form

2021 RVP Application 2021 Current RVP Declaration Form

RVP Election Process

Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly of Delegates is composed of up to two hundred and fifty (250) delegates from NAA's ten regions, who are required to meet annually in November but may convene at other times as needed.  Delegates and Delegate alternates shall be members or staff of Affiliated Associations in good standing, and are authorized to act as a representative of the state from which they were appointed. They vote on Association business that may come before the Assembly of Delegates. AOD duties include but are not limited to approving the dues structure, electing the NAA officers and amending the bylaws. 

Delegates often serve on NAA committees and meet with other delegates during the regional meetings held at each of the three national meetings. During the June Apartmentalize meeting,  delegates from the regions elect their Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs). The RVP elections are staggered so that each June, only the even- or odd-numbered regions elect their RVPs. 

Delegates and alternates are selected and reported annually in a manner established by the Board of Directors, and shall serve a term of one (1) year beginning on January 1st of the calendar year.

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NAA committees are established to assist in the governance of NAA. They represent, involve, and serve members while providing a framework for educating future leaders of the association. They promote member participation in problem-solving and provide a forum for the many interests within the association, utilizing the experience, knowledge, and skills of our members. Each committee focuses on a single area, discusses relevant issues and may present action items to the Board of Directors. 

Committee Chair & Vice Chair List

Volunteer Process

NAA/NAAEI Committee Descriptions

2021 NAA/NAAEI Volunteer Form for service in 2022

Parliamentary Procedures

For further information or questions, please contact Judy Reynolds, Senior Manager of Governance.