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2018 Executive Forum

The NAA Executive Forum is an invitation-only event that takes place at our Apartmentalize conference each June. The aim is to bring the C-suite level executives together for peer-to-peer networking that results in new solutions to pressing challenges the industry is facing. To learn more about an attendee's background and the company they represent, simply click on their name or photo.

Genevieve L. Bauer
Senior Vice President, Residential Operations
Call (610) 355-8103 Email [email protected]
Julie Brawn-Whitesides
Executive Vice President, Property Management
Call (858) 614-7248 Email [email protected]
Greg K. Cerbana
Vice President - Public Relations & Government Affairs
Call (425) 250-2968 Email [email protected]
Jerry A. Davis
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Call (720) 283-6130 Email [email protected]
Dean Holmes
Senior Vice President, Residential Operations
Call (604) 975-9529 Email [email protected]
Kellie E. Jackson
Regional Vice President of Operations - Southeast Region
Call (904) 739-9107 Email [email protected]
Alan P. King
Head of Multifamily Operations/President, Berkshire Communities
Call (972) 768-4578 Email [email protected]
Eddie G. Moreno
Vice President, Operations, Student Housing
Call (512) 653-5478 Email [email protected]
Ron Shelton
Senior Vice President, Property Management
Call (214) 521-1383 Email [email protected]
Tom Sloan
Senior Vice President, Property Operations
Call (713) 354-2500 Email [email protected]
Woody Stone
Executive Vice President, Eastern Division
Call (214) 891-1402 Email [email protected]
Emily Watson
Managing Director, Multifamily Property Operations
Call (972) 567-3330 Email [email protected]