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5 Cities Receive $30 Million in HUD Grants to Revitalize Public-Housing Communities

Digested from “Atlanta wins $30 million federal housing grant” (9/28/15) Leslie, Katie

Atlanta; Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Sacramento, Calif., have each received a five-year $30-million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to redevelop low-income housing areas in their cities. Each city has distressed public and assisted housing areas that need significant revitalization, and it plans to improve these vital communities through new housing and neighborhood services.

- Atlanta city officials will be working with the Atlanta Housing Authority to revitalize the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive corridor in the Westside community, near the location of the proposed Atlanta Falcons stadium. In addition to funding development for new housing, $9 million from the grant will go toward support services and neighborhood initiatives.

- Kansas City’s Chouteau Courts — built in 1958, suffering from plumbing and foundation issues, and separated from the rest of the city and its services by an interstate — will be demolished and replaced with new apartment communities and a college expansion project. (Current Chouteau Courts residents will receive first pick once the new apartments have been constructed.) The grant will also be used to improve education, as well as social and health services.

- Milwaukee plans to focus its attention on the western portion of the Westlawn neighborhood, where it plans to build 708 new apartment homes. The city will also supply workforce development, public safety and healthcare, and will work with the Milwaukee Public School system to ensure every neighborhood child is enrolled in an early childhood education program.  

- Memphis will nearly double the capacity of the distressed Foote Homes development when it tears down the 420-unit public-housing community and replaces it with 712 units geared toward seniors and families. A community space, fitness center, parks and a dedicated green space are also in the works.

- Sacramento will replace the aging 218-unit Twin Rivers apartment community with a comparable development, and add new mixed-use supply, social services and improved transportation to its Sacramento River District-Railyards neighborhood with funds from the grant.

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