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3 Essential Emergency-Preparedness Practices

Digested from “Please Check the Number…”
Property Management Minutes (9/9/15) Hammond, Lori

As turnover occurs — among both staff and residents — apartment-community owners and managers should proactively maintain contact information lists and emergency procedures.

1. Apartment-community managers should have contact information and notations for residents requiring assistance to make sure everyone can be evacuated safely in an emergency. Such information should extend beyond the leaseholder to include all residents in each apartment home.

2. Emergency-services providers also should be given updated contact information for appropriate personnel. And apartment-community owners and managers may also invite providers to tour the community to ensure that they’re aware of emergency resource locations, as well as the general layout of the building.

3. Apartment-community owners and managers should create and regularly review emergency procedures with the community’s support agencies. Reviews should be scheduled on a preventive maintenance calendar and include contact information for personnel and providers.

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