2021 Issues


  • We will be in the midst of a two-month extension of the CDC eviction order, taking us officially to 12 months of eviction moratoria.
  • The Biden Administration's COVID relief proposal will most likely be moving via the "budget reconciliation" process, which means only Democrat votes are needed for passage, but with stricter limitations on what can be included in the bill.
  • The $25 billion in emergency rental assistance was required to be distributed to state and local grantees by January 27. States and local program administrators are still refining their programs, and some jurisdictions may not yet have begun to distribute the funds en masse.
  • NAA members:
    • Will have endured a year without full rent being paid on at least some of their units due to federal eviction moratoria.
    • May have already had some experience with emergency rental assistance through a state or local program.
    • Will be anxious to talk about their experiences.


  • We are dealing with two crises in the housing space:
    1. The continuing short-term crisis caused by COVID
    2. The long-term issue of housing affordability
  • Congress has already taken some good steps to help on the first issue, but more must be done to prevent deepening of long-term challenges.
  • For the second issue there are steps the federal government can take to support renters as they recover from the financial effects of COVID-19 and take the pressure off of housing providers who have been shouldering the costs alone, including:
    1. Create incentives to remove local barriers to housing development and take the pressure off of rents.
    2. Reform the section 8 program to attract more housing provider participants and set the program up for success to support what will be growing demand for housing support.


"COVID Relief"

  1. Support the sunset of federal eviction moratoria.
  2. Support legislation to provide additional federal rental assistance.

"Housing Affordability"

  1. Co-sponsor legislation to improve the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.
  2. Co-sponsor legislation requiring CDBG recipients to report on how they are lowing barriers to development.