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Finalist Spotlight: Jon Machado

Continental Realty Corp., Maryland Multi-Housing Association, Region 1

Years in the Industry: 

What inspired you to get involved with Maintenance Mania? What inspires me is the recognition we get as maintenance techs.

What’s your favorite competition? My favorite competition is the ceiling fan.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the other competitors? Last year I didn’t know what to expect; I was alone. This year I’m bringing back-up! See you in Denver.

How often do you practice? I practice whenever I get a chance. After work.

What do you wish they would add to the competition? It would be cool if they added a garbage disposal game.

How do you stay motivated as a championship veteran? I stay motivated knowing how fun this competition is. How fun people are at nationals.

Do you have any pre-competition rituals? I don’t have a ritual. But it helps to listen to music and run the games in your head as you wait to get in to the stadium.

What’s the most prized item in your toolbox? My most prized item would be my multimeter. It saves me a headache.

When you’re on the job and not in competition mode, what is your secret/tip to being the best maintenance technician you can be? Well there are two things that are very important to become one of the best maintenance techs. One is communication, and the other is making sure you clean up after yourself. Those two simple things will make you great, and you’d be surprised that a lot of people can’t do them.