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Finalist Spotlight: Joel Martinez

Lincoln Military Housing, San Diego County Apartment Association, Region 10

Years in the Industry: 2

What inspired you to get involved with Maintenance Mania? Competing in the competition for the first time last year and going to the finals is what made me want to get involved again this year.  It’s such a fun time and an awesome experience. I hope to be involved in it as long as I’m in the maintenance field.

What’s your favorite competition? My favorite event is the “Seasons Ceiling Fan Installation.” It’s new this year to the competition—and to me—but my favorite by far. 

How often do you practice? It’s hard to practice sometimes with my work schedule but I always try and run through my routines in my head when I have some down time. This year I tried building models of some of the events and practicing with those when I have free time on the weekends. 

What do you wish they would add to the competition? An event to replace outlets/switches would be a nice addition to the competition. 

Do you have any pre-competition rituals? Not really, just maybe walk around and try and loosen up a bit.

What’s the most prized item in your toolbox? If I had to pick only one I would say my 11-in-1 tool. 

When you’re on the job and not in competition mode, what is your secret/tip to being the best maintenance technician you can be? Always being kind and courteous to my residents and working on their homes as if it’s my own. Be clean, fast and efficient and double-check my work to make sure my residents don’t have to call back for the same issue.