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The Chavez-Costello Family: "Breaking Down Barriers"

Veronica Chavez-Costello and husband, Victor Costello, are part of a large family of multifamily housing professionals. 

Veronica Chavez-Costello, CAPS, NALP, works from the ground up. 

“My mother, Maria, was a housekeeper at an apartment community and she taught me that the quality of an apartment is very important,” she says. “She made me look at things that I did not notice before, like the smell, the perfectly cleaned windows, the little extra something like a decorative kitchen towel or toilet paper with a ribbon. She made me pay attention to those little things. I learned to be on time, be organized and be ready.”

Such lessons served her well. Now a regional manager for Houston-based Trigild Inc., Chavez-Costello says her work ethic and attention to detail have paved the way for future generations in the Hispanic community.

“My experience is that the more involved you are, and the more industry leaders know you and your productivity, everyone will see that you bring something to the table,” Chavez-Costello says. “The wall falls down.” 

Such involvement extends beyond this mother-daughter duo. Chavez-Costello’s husband, Victor Costello, earned his CAMT and is a maintenance supervisor for Aimco. Their daughter, Ashley, is a leasing agent. Their son, Aaron Franco Chavez, NALP, moved up the ranks at Houston’s Guardian Equity, and now works as a senior leasing agent for Greystar Residential. His earliest memories are working with his mom, who was organizing events and parties for the apartment communities where she worked.

“I always lived where I worked, so my children were basically raised in the apartment industry,” Chavez-Costello says. “It was natural for them to get into the business.”

Chavez-Costello’s two sisters, Candys and Claudia Franco, also joined the industry 11 years after she did. Chavez-Costello recruited Candice and, despite initial apprehension about working for her sister, Candys says all anxiety vanished as she was taught the ins and outs of the business. Today she is an assistant manager with U.S. Residential Group.

“As an apartment industry supervisor, it helps me to have members of my family in all areas of the industry, from housekeeper to manager,” Chavez-Costello says. “When I listen to their struggles, challenges and what motivates them, it helps me understand my staff better and know that what motivates me does not necessary motivate them.”


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