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Why People Love Inspirational Quotes

People are drawn to certain sayings. But why?

Inspirational quotes that people love to recite may be beloved more for their construction than for their wisdom. The key to a good message is a mixture of wordsmithing, motivational psychology and self-selection.

Parallel structure and rhyming lend an upbeat or balanced tone to phrases, which make them seem more motivating and true. Chiasmus, in which the structure of two or more clauses is reversed, can be effective as well. (Think: “‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”) Experts also point to metaphors as an attractive visual, especially those related to sports.

But people naturally seek aspiration and support from those around them and gravitate toward messages that provide that, no matter how the messages are crafted. The stature of the person being quoted can also influence how effective the message is, because certain roles may automatically reflect a sense of wisdom or accomplishment.

So, when crafting your next message to your team, consider what imagery you want to project and how you can tailor the message to include some form of rhyme or balance to make it resonate more effectively.

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