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Proper Office Email Etiquette

Email is an essential office communication tool. See how to maximize its effectiveness without assuming everyone is attached to his or her inbox.

Office email traffic comprises more than 108.7 billion emails sent and received each day worldwide, according to research from to The Radicati Group. With that intensive volume, inboxes are jammed to the brim, and yet people are still surprised when emails aren’t read immediately, which can lead to missed deadlines and ineffective time management.

Offices can fix this overreliance on email as a default form of communication by instituting recommended policies for office communication depending on what needs to be done and when. For example, email is OK for items with a few days’ lead time, but immediate needs are better dealt with in person — either via phone or a quick jaunt to someone’s desk (depending on the size of the office). Text and IM can also be used for items that require notice of a few hours or more.

Even if it’s not a company-wide policy, departments or individual employees can implement these policies for themselves by setting up auto-responders for items requiring immediate attention or courtesy reminders to colleagues to ensure that priority tasks are handled in a timely fashion. And employees may have different communication needs, so it can also be helpful to solicit feedback to determine the best policies for specific work cultures.




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