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Kentucky Apartment ‘Animal Attack’ Bill Lacks Bite

Digested From “Bill Keeps Landlords From Liability in Dog Attacks”
Centre Daily Times (12/09/13) 

Under a bill the Kentucky Senate recently passed by a 29-8 margin, apartment owners who live on their own property would not be financially liable for a resident's canine if the animal attacks another person. Sen. Chris Girdler (R-Somerset) described the bill as an effort to reinforce personal responsibility and safeguard small-business owners. 

Senate Democrats, though, continue to voice concerns that public health services such as Medicaid would have to pay for medical costs in the event of a dog bite. They proposed an amendment requiring insurance coverage by either the apartment owner or resident in the event of such an attack. The bill passed Feb. 10 without the amendment. It now moves to Kentucky's House of Representatives for consideration.

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