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5 Best and Worst Words for Email Subject Lines

Which words will motivate readers to open an email, and which will turn them off?

 Everybody’s email inbox is overflowing these days. How can you make your email stand out in the crowd, ensuring that it gets opened and read instead of ignored and trashed?

 Email-marketing company Alchemy Worx analyzed 21 billion emails from 2,500 brands to find out what subject-line words move users to click on an email, and which don’t, Marketing Profs reports.

The top five enticing words, in order, are upgrade, just, content, go and wonderful. These words increased email opens to 55 to 66 percent compared with the average open rate. The words that did the poorest are miss, deals, groovy, conditions and Friday. All performed around 4 percent worse than the average open rate.

 As for symbols in subject lines, tread lightly: A snowman symbol performed well in inducing clicks, with a 66 percent open rate versus the average, but the next two symbols only increased opens by 21 percent and 11 percent versus the average. A pointing finger was the poorest performer, at almost 10 percent worse than average.



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