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5 Simple Updates to Refresh Your Landscaping

Digested from “5 Steps to Transforming Out-of-Date Landscapes into Utopias”
Property Management Insider (12/21/15) Lee, Chris

Certain plants and rocks can instantly date an apartment community. Keep your apartment community looking up to date and welcoming with these tips:

  • Get rid of hedge rows and shady trees. Instead, opt for shorter, native plants that provide a more natural landscape — and let the light in to keep grass healthy.
  • Turn eyesores into functional elements. Walkways on heavily trodden areas or water features where water tends to pool can become amenities instead of flaws.
  • Use permanent mulch. Gravel reduces upkeep for maintenance staff. But if you do use regular mulch, opt for darker colors, which are more natural.
  • Go native. Native plantings create a softer, more inviting landscape than do more traditional, structured plants.
  • Plant smaller groupings. And spread them out to create a more organic, less rigid flow.

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