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NAA Industry Insider: Make Multifamily the Starting Point for Housing Reform

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Make Multifamily the Starting Point for Housing Reform
Digested From "Make Multifamily the Starting Point for Housing Reform"
American Banker (02/18/14) Narasimhan, Shekar; Lockhart, James B.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have long provided a secure secondary market for multifamily housing finance. Now, though, there is a growing consensus that it is time to downsize the government's significant involvement in the market. Bills have been introduced in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to wind down the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) over a five-year period and reduce the direct government role in the conventional mortgage markets. But advocates for multifamily financing say that such markets have performed well for years and they should not be disrupted during the restructuring period. Advocates propose that the two GSEs' multifamily operations are spun off in carefully planned phases, existing successful risk-sharing multifamily programs should continue, and the government should maintain a catastrophic guarantee for qualified multifamily securities. The article's authors write: "Multifamily is the foundation of America's housing system and for many, the first step into homeownership. The support for multifamily housing finance remains central to the GSEs' public purpose. Reforming the multifamily housing market first will help lead the way to the housing finance system of the future where private capital takes first-loss risk and uses its ingenuity to serve all markets at all times with responsible lending products."
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Market Trend Insights

What Two Demos Are Driving Indianapolis' Apt. Sector?
Digested From "New Attitudes Have Fed Indianapolis Area's Apartment Boom"
Indianapolis Star (02/22/14) Sikich, Chris

Changing attitudes in the way that up-and-coming Millennials and downsizing empty-nesters view housing has helped to drive a strong era of apartment construction in Indianapolis. According to Drew Klacik, senior policy analyst at the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, Millennials as a group are interested in living in an urban environment without the long-term binds of mortgages. This key demographic is expected to grow from 36 percent of the U.S. labor force today to 50 percent by the end of the decade, calculates Denver-based Progressive Urban Management Associates. Klacik notes that empty-nesters as a group are ready to downsize and give up the maintenance headaches associated with homeownership. The oldest Baby Boomers hit 65 in 2011, and the last will turn 65 in 2029. With regards to Indianapolis, plans are proceeding for major mixed-use projects in the downtown corridor, including Flaherty & Collins' $81 million luxury tower and J.C. Hart Co.'s partnership for a $50 million development at the former Indianapolis Fire Department headquarters. Growth is also in a boom period in the suburbs, with projects moving forward in such markets as Avon, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Plainfield, Westfield, and Zionsville. Last year, a half-dozen apartment communities were completed in these markets, 18 were in various stages of development, and 22 reached the planning phase. Both builders and brokers alike are expressing confidence that each of these projects will find enough residents intrigued by urban, walkable lifestyles, to make them successful. "Millennials and empty-nesters want walkable new urban neighborhoods," Klacik concluded. "The stuff Carmel and Westfield are doing is a really big deal, and that really is the trend."
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Miami's Apartment Market Heads Into the Sun
Digested From "Miami's Apartment Market Positioning Is Strong Right Now"
Property Management Insider (02/18/14) Willett, Greg

Metro Miami-Dade County’s apartment sector has emerged as one of the nation's strongest overall performers. Occupancy stands at 96.7 percent, and annual growth in effective rents for new leases is running at a rate of 5.2 percent. In fact, occupancy has been sustained at 96 percent or better for the last four full years now. Impressive rent growth, however, only emerged during the third and fourth quarters of 2013. Building activity remains fairly modest, which has helped to keep Miami's apartment outlook positive for the immediate future. Total ongoing construction currently tally around 4,500 rental units, or 2.1 percent inventory growth. Apartment communities set to complete specifically during this year contain some 2,500 rental units, translating to just 1.1 percent growth in the stock. This is not a lot of new apartment supply for a market where the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows annual job growth at roughly 23,000 positions, or 2.2 percent annual expansion. While Miami's current job count remains around 21,000 positions below the pre-recession high, the current ratio of jobs to apartments is actually more attractive than the figure seen previously -- five jobs for every apartment now compared to 4.3 jobs for every apartment 10 years ago.
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Rolling the Dice on the Las Vegas Apartment Boom
Digested From "Las Vegas Poised for an Apartment Boom"
Las Vegas Review Journal (02/17/14) Robison, Jennifer

Developers are on pace this year to deliver 3,000 apartments throughout Southern Nevada, an increase from a 20-year low of 370 units in 2013, notes Spence Ballif, a senior vice president in CBRE's local office. Ballif remarks, "Las Vegas has clearly turned the corner. The jobs story is better, and the housing story is better. That's caught a lot of attention." He adds that looking at Sin City from an investor's standpoint, it's one of the few markets that "very clearly has a recovery story ahead of it. We're still far from peak rents, peak vacancy, and peak pricing, and that's very appealing." Nevertheless, he and others feels it is a bit premature to start building 3,000 apartments. Most are more comfortable with 2,000 units, which may be what the market actually delivers in 2014 depending on project delays. For one, vacancy rates have yet to bounce back. The number of vacant apartments ended last year at 9.18 percent -- an improvement over the previous year's 9.68 percent. But it still trailed the 14-year average of 7.8 percent. In certain sub-markets, most notably lower-end Class C apartment communities, vacancies remain high in the 12.45 percent range. Investors, though, are flocking to the market and are especially interested in financing high-end, Class A communities that have more community features and pricier interiors.
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Three Factors Why Grand Rapids Is Top Rental Property Market
Digested From "Grand Rapids Ranked as the Nation's Best Place to Own Rental Property" (02/21/14) Harger, Jim

Grand Rapids ranks as the country's best market to own rental properties, according to an All Property Management (APM) survey. This marks the second consecutive year that the Michigan city has scored the highest among 75 metro areas studied by APM, which ranked markets according to a half-dozen factors. The growth of the health-care industry on the city's "Medical Mile" and the metro area's growing college student population are the two main factors driving the popularity of the market. A third factor is the declining interest in homeownership by young professionals. Russ VandenToorn, owner of United Properties, comments, "When I was young, homeownership was the big thing. Today, that's not true. People are mobile, [and] they don't know how long they will be at a particular job." VandenToorn's Grand Rapids-based company currently manages around 350 rental properties for owners from nine different countries. The APM study reads: "Grand Rapids remained the top score in the country due to its strong jobs growth, strong rental prices, and continued escalation in home prices." VandenToorn adds, "if it wasn't for the Medical Mile, our industry would not be what it is in Grand Rapids today."
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Why Did Albuquerque's Apt. Vacancy Rate Dip So Low Last Month?
Digested From "ABQ Apartment Occupancy Lowest in Four Years"
Albuquerque Business First (02/18/14) Metcalf, Richard

CBRE reports that the Albuquerque metro area's apartment vacancy rate dipped last month to the lowest level in four years, reflecting continued uncertainty about the economy and job picture. January's 93.2 percent occupancy rate indeed approached the most recent low of 92.9 percent measured in January 2010. According to CBRE research, the average monthly rent has gone down by fractional amounts over the last year to stand at $730 in the January study. At the same time, fewer apartment communities are offering rent concessions -- 45 percent last month versus 51 percent in January 2013. The report read: "The outcome was surprising given occupancy and average rent trends." Meanwhile, a comparable apartment survey by RealFacts for the October-through-December period shows a 92.2 percent occupancy rate in metro Albuquerque. The CBRE and RealFacts surveys generally track together, although their exact findings vary because of different methodology and databases. Both studies paint a picture of a local apartment sector that typically functions within a narrow bandwidth of occupancy and rental rates. Apartment markets in other Southwest locales tracked by RealFacts generally show a much greater volatility in rates over time.
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Deals and Transactions

Philly Gives Some Brotherly Love to Proposed Apartment Towers
Digested From "Apartment Towers for Broad & Callowhill Get First OK"
Philadelphia Inquirer (02/18/14) Gates, Kellie Patrick

Developers Hanover North Broad and Parkway Corporation last week received the support of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for the dozen zoning variances needed to erect 339 apartments in two buildings. In addition to the rental units, the project at 339 and 322-44 North Broad Street will include ground-floor retail and indoor parking for both residents and the general public. The variances are related to signage, driveway width, and terrace setback. Even in their support, though, several planning commissioners expressed unhappiness with the fact that it remains unclear exactly what changes were made in response to suggestions raised at a Feb. 4 Civic Design Review (CDR) hearing.
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Industry Buzz

2014 Feb. Partner Sponsors
Home Properties to Ring NYSE Bell
Digested From "Home Properties to Ring NYSE Bell"
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (NY) (02/23/14) Shengulette, Jinelle

Home Properties Inc. is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary this August by ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. The Rochester-based company specializes in acquiring, developing, rehabilitating, owning, and managing apartment communities. It began with a couple thousand units and a focus that was mainly on New York state. The company now has offices and properties in seven major markets -- Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Florida, and the nation's capital -- totaling 117 properties and 41,623 rental units as of the end of 2013. Revenue in 2013 totaled almost $750 million. Home Properties CEO Edward Pettinella states, "To be competitive on a national basis, we're almost forced to consider a different geographic footprint than what we started out with. I have to go where the best population and employment trends are -- the better those issues are, the more I can charge rent."
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More Apartment Hunters Say, 'Talk to My Agent!'
Digested From "Rental Agents Can Make Searching for an Apartment Much Easier"
Los Angeles Times (02/23/14) Sichelman, Lew

Some apartment hunters are enlisting rental agents to help them search for available units in big cities like Los Angeles, New York and, increasingly, smaller markets. Often, a trusted agent cultivates a personal relationship with a particular apartment community owner or staff member. As such, he or she may learn about upcoming availabilities prior to them being officially listed. Good deals are elusive for people who spend a few weekends a year looking for an apartment or house. Agents, though, are scanning listings and monitoring availability every day. In addition, the most experienced ones know which landlords are willing to negotiate on rent and specific lease terms such as the security deposit. Some apartment owners and managers actually prefer to deal with agents or would-be residents who come through an agent. That way, the owner does not have to do as much paperwork and/or screening. To be sure, not every real estate agent wants to work with renters. Furthermore, not all of those who do are experts in the field. Apartment hunters are encouraged to look for agents who specializes in rental housing or who specialize in properties in a particular neighborhood or community popular among renters.
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Weidner Teams With UAA to Launch New Program
Digested From "Property Management: The Other Side of Real Estate Coin"
Anchorage Daily News (AK) (02/13/14) Fields, Terry; Romerdahl, Andrew

In Alaska, Weidner Apartment Homes founder Dean Weidner has endowed $4 million to the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) to establish and support a property management and real estate program in the College of Business and Public Policy. The college has been reaching out to such national organizations as the Institute of Real Estate Management and the National Apartment Association, in addition to local real estate providers to build, support, and promote the program. Northrim Bank President and Joe Beedle applauds the effort. He states, "Quality property managers are essential to a strong real estate industry and UAA's new program will allow students an opportunity to receive training that will better equip them for a job that will fill a demand in Alaska. The management program's specialized focus on real estate and property management will be an asset to the community."
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La Crosse Looks to Ensure Quality Multifamily Housing
Digested From "With High Concentration of Rentals, City Looks to Ensure Quality Housing and Preserve Neighborhoods"
La Crosse Tribune (WI) (02/23/14) Hubbuch, Chris

La Crosse, Wis., is a city of nearly 51,400 residents. Of those, approximately 12,500 are college students, and they have had a significant impact on the local housing market. Indeed, only about 50 percent of La Crosse's housing units -- homes and apartments combined -- are owner occupied. Statewide, the statistics show, about 68 percent of housing units are owner occupied. "You can tolerate a few rentals in your neighborhood," remarks council member Sara Sullivan, head of La Crosse's Neighborhood Revitalization Committee. "When there are more and they're poorly kept, it's the beginning of deterioration." Among U.S. cities with populations of between 25,000 and 250,000 and at least 15 percent college students, La Crosse ranks in the top 30 percent for homeownership. Of the 13 cities within the University of Wisconsin system, only River Falls has both a higher homeownership rate and a higher concentration of students. La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat said the issue of rental housing is central to his central campaign theme of neighborhood revitalization, remarking, "Everybody wants the same thing. They want to see good neighborhoods with quality housing and some good basic standards. In recognition of the impact of rental housing on the city’s core neighborhoods, the common council this past summer imposed a six-month moratorium -- later extended by three months -- on conversion of homes in areas zoned for single-family. Council members also formed an ad hoc committee to study possible solutions, which returned a 30-page report late in the year outlining steps to require rental property registration and inspection; improve code compliance at all properties; and educate residents, apartment owners, and others on city codes and programs designed to improve living conditions. Rental properties account for over 66 percent of the orders issued by city inspectors over the last five years, and city assessor Mark Schlafer says older rental housing generally isn't as well maintained. Most agree that the city needs to find ways to encourage mixed-income development. The problem is that outside of campus neighborhoods, rents will not support higher-end development. Rick Staff, president of Gerrard-Hoeschler Realtors and co-owner of about a dozen rental properties, states, "Other than the student housing scenario, it's hard to build something very nice."
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Legal/Legislative Did You Know

2014 Feb. Mission Sponsors
Could L.A. Residents Soon Be on the Hook for Retrofitting?
Digested From "Tenants Could Pay Part of Earthquake Retrofitting Under Proposal"
Los Angeles Times (02/22/14) Lin II, Rong-Gong; Xia, Rosanna

Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard C. Parks is pushing to allow apartment owners who seismically retrofit their communities to pass on the costs of earthquake strengthening to residents. Parks wants the city to explore giving these owners an exemption from the city's rent control law to "incentivize retrofitting." Currently, just 50 percent of the cost of major apartment rehabilitation projects can be passed on to residents. Parks is urging city staffers to evaluate passing through all of the costs to residents, but do it "over a reasonable period of time." L.A. officials have known about the dangers of older concrete and wooden "soft-story" apartment buildings for years. However, concerns about costs scuttled earlier efforts in the city to require retrofits of privately-owned apartment communities. Many owners say they should not have to pay for expensive fixes on their own. The council is already looking into a state bond measure that would help owners pay to seismically retrofit their apartments. Parks, though, says L.A. should first see if there is a simpler solution.
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Maine Apt. Owners Must Have Radon Tests by March 1
Digested From "Maine Landlords Must Have Radon Tests on Their Rental Units by March 1"
Portland Press Herald (Maine) (02/17/2014) Koenig, Paul

In Maine, a state law initially passed five years ago requires the air -- and the water, if from private wells -- in all residential rental buildings to be tested for radon. That is the colorless, odorless gas that has become the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. The law originally required the testing to be completed by 2012. However, a change the year before that pushed the deadline back to March 1, 2014. The law was further amended in 2013 to ease mitigation requirements. However, it is evident that many apartment owners waited until the past couple of months to conduct the tests. Others still might not be aware of the requirement. Bob Stilwell, the radon section leader of the radiation control program in the Division of Environmental Health, notes, "We're getting 30, 40, 50 calls a day and an equal number of emails every day from landlords and building managers." Prior to the law being amended in the last legislative session, only around 10 percent of the rental apartments statewide had been tested for radon. He expects that number to increase substantially once the division receives the totals for January. Interviews with those in charge of testing and analyzing radon indicate the influx of apartment owners and managers requesting tests for their communities started in January and will likely continue through the March 1 deadline.
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Tenn. Town Hopes to Get Apt. Developers in the Zone
Digested From "Kingsport Approves Zoning Code for Apartment Districts"
Kingsport Times-News (02/18/14) Lane, Matthew

Kingsport, Tenn., is tweaking its zoning code to be a bit more friendly to apartment developers. Last week, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously approved a change to the city's zoning code for apartment districts (R-3, R-4 and R-5) during its regular meeting. City planner Corey Shepherd gave an overview of the measure, saying the change removes the floor area ratio method when determining how many rental units can be built on a property. Shepherd states, "The intent is to create a more developer-friendly zoning code for these types of district." Previously, the number of apartments a developer could construct in a particular zone had to be calculated by its floor area ratio -- the total square footage of the apartments by the lot square footage. With the changes, the maximum number is now based on units by acre. For R-3 (a "low density apartment district") the number is 15 units per acre. For R-4 ("medium density"), the number is 20. In R-5 ("high density), 40 is the number. Other changes include removing the minimum dimension requirements for the development, such as lot area and building height. According to Shepherd, the density levels are consistent with almost every existing apartment community in Kingsport. Additionally, Shepherd benchmarked the proposed changes with zoning codes from four other Tennessee markets -- Nashville, Knoxville, Bristol, and Johnson City. Vice Mayor Mike McIntire, a member of the Kingsport Regional Planning Commission, further explained the rationale behind the move. "When developers would come in and ask if they could do this, our general answer was, it depends," he said. "We're trying to be consistent and make it simpler for developers to understand."
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Mich. Township Weighs Rental Inspection Program
Digested From "Canton Weighs Rental Inspection Program" (02/19/14) Clem, Darrell

Canton Township in Michigan is inching toward a plan to inspect thousands of apartments and rental homes in order to identify unsafe living conditions and force owners to fix problems. Such an effort could cost more than $400,000, officials say, that would be passed on to property owners. In turn, they would likely hike monthly rents to compensate. According to Supervisor Phil LaJoy, the program likely would not take effect until 2015, when inspectors could begin examining more than 7,200 apartments and 2,000 rental houses for dilapidated conditions and problems with plumbing, furnaces, and other amenities. LaJoy remarks, "The idea is to make sure the community is staying the vibrant Canton community we want." Canton leaders and industry officials appear to have reached agreement on such key issues as potentially having inspectors examine only a portion of an apartment community rather than every unit if it appears local housing codes are being met. Canton currently has 489 apartment communities and an estimated 2,000 single-family rental homes, bringing its total number of rental properties to 9,214.
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Indiana Considers Requiring Meth Lab Home Disclosure
Digested From "Indiana Lawmakers Consider Requiring Meth Lab Home Disclosure on State Police Website"
Columbus Republic (IN) (02/17/14) Ballentine, Summer

Under a proposal being considered by Indiana legislators, homes where methamphetamine labs are found would be listed in an online registry. In addition, the bill would transfer control of the reporting website from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to the state police. Properties could be removed from the list 90 days after they are cleaned and declared habitable. The proposal earlier received unanimous approval by the Indiana House. Indiana police say about 1,800 meth labs were found statewide in 2013. According to State Police First Sgt. Niki Crawford, commander of the methamphetamine suppression section of the Indiana State Police, her department already has a database of meth lab seizures. Authorities next plan to start formatting the information to move online. The new legislation would require properties to be listed immediately, which has raised concerns among the Indiana Apartment Association's membership. Of current timelines for cleanup, Association President Lynne Petersen states, "We wanted to keep that in law, because it's worked well."
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NAA Announcements

It’s Officially Last Minute: The 2014 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition Begins in Six Days

The 2014 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition, March 3-5 at the ARIA resort in Las Vegas, is your ticket to graduating to the next level of management in this thriving niche of rental housing.

Haven’t registered yet? It’s all right—caused you’re saved by the bell at the NAA Student Conference website.

Take advantage of thought-provoking breakout sessions on important student housing issues (a complete list is available ) and learn from dynamic business leaders and speakers during the general sessions (speakers and session descriptions here). And, if you haven’t yet heard, Peter Sheahan, Founder and CEO of ChangeLabs and Tuesday General Session Keynote Speaker, has a special message just for you.

Can’t be in two places at once? Can’t choose between two equally interesting speakers? NAA’s Education Institute (NAAEI) is once again presenting its “REWIND” program, offering 14 PowerPoint-synced audio sessions from the 2014 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition. Don’t stress, just pre-order REWIND with your conference registration for just $99!

Awaiting you is actionable intelligence and turnkey solutions perfect for helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. Register today and keep checking the website for schedule, housing and the latest announcements. And remember to use the official hashtag #NAAStudentConf to engage, discuss and follow the conference.

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The 2014 NAA Capitol Conference Is Right Around the Corner

Learn how to invest in your political capital and advocate to Congress by attending the 2014 NAA Capitol Conference and Lobby Day. You can save time and money on travel and lodging with this year’s customizable schedule: Attend only the Capitol Conference on March 11 and Lobby Day on March 12, or also attend the spring Board of Directors and committee meetings on March 9 and 10.
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Come On In—The Water’s Fine at the 2014 NAA Education Conference & Exposition

In a first-of-its-kind NAA event, ABC hit reality TV show “Shark Tank” co-hosts Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John will judge live pitches from three innovative NAA attendees during the 2014 NAA Education Conference & Exposition, June 18-21 in Denver.

The Sharks will be headlining the Friday General Session from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Corcoran, who started her real estate business with a $1,000 loan and then built a $5 billion real estate empire in New York City, will share her personal advice, insights and anecdotes on creating a powerful brand. John, regarded as one of the most sought-after branding experts and keynote speakers in fashion and business today, will share his knowledge and business genius with NAA Conference attendees. Learn more about Corcoran and John.

But wait, there’s more: After Barbara and Daymond energize your entrepreneurial spirit, three lucky NAA attendees will come up on stage and pitch their idea or business concept to the Sharks—and compete to win $5,000—live during the General Session.

Called “Sink or Swim: NAA Innovation Tank” contest, attendees wishing to enter are asked to shoot a five-minute (or less) video showing us your best idea for a product or a business, which of course is not limited to the world of multifamily housing. We won’t share your idea with anyone until you do on stage! Submissions must be received by 11:59pm ET on Friday May 2, 2014.

The Sharks will do what they do best: Critique and evaluate the pitches and then, along with the audience's help, will pick the lucky winner. For more information on how you can make your pitch to The Sharks, visit the contest webpage. Need inspiration? Have a look at NAA’s business idea.

Invest in your company and your career today. Register now and remember that the largest discounts go to those who sign-up early. Have four friends? Register as a group to take advantage of even more savings!

And, make sure to book your housing as soon as you register—rooms will go fast and you will be unable to book without first registering. Visit the Education Conference website for information and reservations for all official NAA Education Conference hotels.
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NAA's Designing Spaces™ Segment Re-airs on March 7

Did you watch NAA on Designing Spaces™? The Feb. 20th episode of Designing Spaces™ aired on Lifetime Television and featured NAA President and CEO Doug Culkin, CAE, touring Hills Properties’ Palmera Apartments—NAA’s 2013 PARAGON Community of the Year—and discussing the rise in rental housing.

Culkin was joined by Jordanna Paciorek, CPM, Asset Manager for Edward Rose & Sons, who offered insight into the luxury amenities that many residents enjoy at high-end communities such as Mason, Ohio’s Palmera Apartments. The segment also featured a property tour led by Tessa Braun, Property Manager for Palmera Apartments, showcasing Palmera’s most desired amenities and floor plans.

This episode of Designing Spaces will re-air on March 7 at the same time. Program your DVRs now!
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2013 Industry Data Available For Purchase

The 2013 NAA Survey of Income & Expenses is now available. The survey provides some of the most valuable industry trend information.

The survey includes an executive summary, detailed market analysis, reports and charts about rental communities, as well as national economic analysis. A total of 4,500 properties containing over 1 million units from 45 U.S. states are represented in this year’s report. Data was reported from more than 4,100 market rent properties and 400 subsidized properties. To order, please visit the NAA Store, click on the link for Income & Expense Surveys.
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Sign Up for NAAEI's Two New Leadership Programs

NAAEI will be offering two new Leadership programs in April, 2014. The NAAEI Leadership Experience: Powered by Dale Carnegie targets regional professionals and corporate department heads who are interested in learning how to lead effectively across generations, delegate tasks to develop and train others and most importantly, find time to work on future business growth. This course will be offered in Dallas, April 1-2. Learn more and register for this course.

The NAAEI Leadership NOW program: Powered by Gallup Consulting targets high-potential corporate executives. Participants will learn how to solve current business challenges by driving employee engagement. The NAAEI Leadership NOW program focuses on tactics for building engagement in a fast-paced work environment and is designed to introduce concepts, strategies, and tools that assist Leaders in building their leadership brand, maximizing strengths and unleashing the human potential within their workplace. This course will be offered in Washington, D.C., April 8-10, 2014. Learn more and register for this course.

For more information on, please contact Kimberly McCrossen at 703-797-0610.
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NAAEI Designation Courses Offered Near You!


Apartment Association of Greater Omaha & Lincoln
March – April, 2014

Connecticut Apartment Association
March, 2014

CAM Online


Apartment Association of Greater Omaha & Lincoln
March – April, 2014


Austin Apartment Association
February – March, 2014

Rental Housing Association of Boston
April – May, 2014

Chicagoland Apartment Association
May – June, 2014

Apartment Association of Southeast Texas
May – June, 2014


Chicagoland Apartment Association
July, 2014


Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington
February, 2014

NALP Online

Find more courses in your area on the NAA website.

For more information about any of the classes listed, please contact Kimberly McCrossen at 703/518-6141 ext. 121.
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