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U.S. Equity REITs 2014 Performance Crushes S&P 500

Digested from “2014 REIT stock performance summary”
SNL (1/2/14)

The SNL U.S. Multifamily REIT (real estate investment trust) index provided the second-highest return (40.5 percent) of any real-estate sector, bested only its SNL manufactured home REIT counterpart (46 percent).

The list of the top 25 REIT total returns for 2014 across all areas includes five multifamily sector companies: Associated Estate Realty Corp. (AEC, 52.6 percent return), Apartment Investment and Management Co. (AIV, 48 percent), Essex Property Trust (ESS, 48 percent), Equity Residential (EQR, 42.9 percent) and AvalonBay Communities (AVB, 42.7 percent). Also among the top 25 was specialty student housing REIT Education Realty Trust (EDR, 44.6 percent). 

Recent data highlight that U.S. equity REITs performed twice as well (27.5 percent return) as the overall Standard & Poor’s 500 index (13.7 percent return) in 2014. The U.S. Equity REIT index also outperformed the 10-year Treasury note at year’s end, with respective dividend yields of 3.43 percent and 2.17 percent as of Dec. 31.

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