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University of Maryland Sees Increase in High-Amenity Off-Campus Housing

Development of upmarket, off-campus student housing is booming at the University of Maryland, but rental prices may have reached their limit. 

High-amenity off-campus housing is becoming more abundant at the University of Maryland: Domain College Park opened in 2013, and Landmark is slated to open in fall 2015. But with rents at these developments starting at $1,000, and going much higher, students might be at their limit, reports The Diamondback, the university’s student newspaper.

Domain College Park is a LEED-certified building, with a heated pool and fitness facility; units have open floor plans, gourmet kitchens and hardwood floors. Landmark will offer grill stations, group and individual study areas, a Zen garden and a fitness facility with sauna, among other amenities. 

But not all students can afford these buildings, and on-campus housing options for juniors and seniors are now more limited due to a housing policy change that grants greater priority to freshmen and sophomores.  

The College Park City Council’s Diversity of Student Housing Subcommittee is interested in expanding the number of off-campus housing options that are affordable, which it defines as $600 to $800 a month. The committee is looking at increasing the number of cooperative housing projects, promoting more affordable off-campus housing developments and offering subsidized undergraduate housing.


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