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Campuses Bring Technology to Communal Laundry Facilities

Several colleges and universities across the country are relying on technology to make one mundane aspect of campus life a little easier.

For many students living in both on-campus and off-campus housing, washing clothes at communal laundry facilities is a chore that is made even more difficult because of the often-disproportionate ratio of students to laundry machines.

Laundry Alert, a website that also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, is working to make laundry frustrations a thing of the past.

Used by students attending a range in colleges and universities, including Georgetown University and Xavier University, Laundry Alert allows students to quickly and easily check various laundry facilities and see which, and how many, washers and dryers are available at any given time. Students can also check to see when their laundry is finished.

Some schools, such as Arkansas State University, are using Laundry Alert in conjunction with their Residence Life departments to make students more aware of peak days and times for laundry. 

“As we monitor usage, we have learned that laundry room demand varies throughout the day. There are times in the evenings when there is a very high demand for machines. We hope this new service will allow you to plan your laundry trips,” a representative for Residence Life at Arkansas State told the Herald

Although this may not seem like an important technological advance in housing amenities, a few extra minutes of free time in the schedule of a busy college student can be significant.


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