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What You Don't Know (about Fair Housing) Can Hurt You

“Back to school” is not just for those whom the student housing industry hopes to rent to, it is also for those in the student housing sector of multifamily housing. And for us “back to school” is at the upcoming 2014 NAA Student Housing Conference and Exposition. As the conference website promises, we can “join more than 900 star pupils for two days chock-full of education…and breathe easy as no admissions essay is required!” So I am looking forward to joining in that learning experience and just as excited to once again have the opportunity to provide some of that education to others.

And there is another reason that I am excited, and that is that my industry colleague (and friend!) Terry Kitay (with the Law Office of Theresa L. Kitay) will share the podium with me as we delve into areas of the day-to-day operational issues that should include your analysis from the all-important fair housing perspective. And I suspect that there are likely more issues than you have even thought about. Terry and I have gleaned this information from decades of fair housing teaching and legal representation of multifamily housing providers (gee, that makes us sound old!).

Terry and I plan to “re-cover” some information from last year’s conference, since there some of you were not at the conference or did not attend the fair housing educational session (and I promise not to take that personally). We don’t want you to miss some important tidbits such as the implications of having that courtesy shuttle from your community to the campus. A great amenity, but could it possibly get you in trouble?

But we promise that this session will not be a mere re-hash of last year’s program. Oh, no – not with Terry bringing her perspective (much of it gleaned from the courtroom as she is there regularly defending landlords) and the other interesting issues we have chosen to bring before you. Many of you embrace the one-person-per-bedroom occupancy standard;is that OK?  We have heard that there is some interest in 9 month lease offerings for students. Is that OK? What about transgender (not “transgendered”) students? What do the Fair Housing Act and the ADA say about that guinea pig (hint – there are two answers!)? 

I’ve tossed a number of questions at you here.  And you won’t find the answers in this post – oh, no, you won’t. That’s because it will behoove (I love that word; do only lawyers use it?) you to contemplate attending our session at 8:30 a.m. (groan – we are in Vegas; need I say more?) on Wednesday, March 5th. Even though that is painfully early, remember that:
What You Don't Know (about Fair Housing) Can Hurt You