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What the Future Holds for Apartment Industry Careers

We’ve all seen the headlines about the strength of the rental market and how more people are choosing to live in an apartment than buying a home. It seems that every week a developer announces construction of a new apartment community or investment in multifamily housing. Some experts estimate that our industry will grow by 20 to 25 percent in the coming years. The impact on apartment industry careers is undeniable.
In a recent interview, John Cullens of ApartmentCareers.com highlighted some hiring trends he is seeing in multifamily housing. One of those is a focus on drawing on applicants from outside the industry. Recruiters are increasingly looking to other industries to find employees with skills that are easily transferrable to our industry.
While people working in the retail and hospitality industries are a natural fit with our industry, we also offer opportunities for people with backgrounds in other areas such as accounting, marketing, management and customer service.
Our industry is so broad and so diverse that we accommodate people with a wide variety of experiences. For example, John says one big area of growth is in the information technology departments of property management companies. They need data analysts who can help them sort through information and use it to better run their business. 
He also expects the industry will see continued demand for service and maintenance personnel. We may even see a shortage as the applicant pool for these positions shrinks. That’s alarming.
Property managers know maintenance staff are critical members of a community’s team. They are the ones who are on the front lines of customer service and who often interact the most with residents. The low wages typical of manual service jobs may be deterring people from pursuing these positions, he says.
That may soon change. To attract and retain the best talent, John says, companies are realizing they have to increase salaries. He predicts the industry will soon see significant pay increases, especially for on-site staff. “If you’re trying to complete for the top level talent, you have to pay to play.”
Only a few of John’s apartment industry hiring trends are highlighted here. You can take a look at the complete list here. In the meantime, please take advantage of the training opportunities we offer through our state and local apartment associations and online.
Whether you want to take a specific course or pursue professional designation, education is a critical part of helping you best take advantage of what’s on the horizon for careers in the industry.