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What’s Your Motto, Mission and Vision?

Last fall, I became the manager of a 156-unit community in Avondale Estates, Ga. Our community was built in 1984 and it has its challenges, but it also has a lot of potential as an older and more established community in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

As Manager, I have a charge to make myself available to over 300 residents. I’m the only one in the office to answer calls, schedule appointments, show the apartment and community amenities, collect and post rents, and manage the day-to-day maintenance, finance, and finally, but not least, operations. Needless to say, my job can be interesting at times—though certainly manageable.

Being pulled in so many directions, I have learned the importance of goal-setting through hands-on experience. I’ve also become a bit more focused as a result of this promotion. Our team consists of four people—two maintenance technicians, a porter, and myself—and each of us, as a team, make the day seem possible.

Setting goals not only allows me to get the sense of direction needed in order to accomplish the overall community objective, but it allows our team to visualize where we are headed, together.

After the first six weeks as the community manager, three factors were outlined: our motto, our mission and our vision.

Our motto is, “Be committed, Be willing, Be a team player.”

Our mission is “to provide quality service to our residents, lead by example in the apartment industry, be productive, hold each other and the residents of the community accountable, always do what’s right and do our very best as a team…daily.”

Finally, our vision is “1) To educate the residents about maintaining their homes for their well-being and the well-being of Willow Ridge Apartments; 2) To establish Willow Ridge as an apartment community of choice in DeKalb County, Ga.; 3) To increase our bottom-line and maintain occupancy; 4) To add value to the living experience of our residents by giving a smile, offering great service, and meeting their essential needs during their residency with us.

Establishing a motto, mission, and vision is not a commonplace practice of apartment communities; however, it helps the team to realize where they are headed and what actions are required to be accountable to the motto, mission and vision of the community. 

Moreover, it helps to give your team the path it needs to follow for the course of action you, as manager, would like to take on behalf of the owners who have made a significant investment in the community. Over time, your owners should see that you have taken ownership of the community you manage, and you have demonstrated you have their best interests at heart each day.

Arletha Grandison is the Property Manager for Willow Ridge Apartments in Avondale Estates, Georgia.