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Welcome to the New Age of Search

Every month, Google gets 25 million searches for apartments from desktop computers. Despite the proliferation of smart phones, that figure is more than double the amount of apartment searches Google gets from mobile. "Every month Google receives approximately 11 million searches using the keyword 'apartments' from mobile devices," says Google Channel Sales parter trainer Ty Schlegel, who presents on Thursday, June 20 at the National apartment Association Conference & Exposition on the panel The New Age of Search: The Apartment Search Shake-Up. "There are currently about 11 million monthly 'apartment' keyword searches from mobile, but there is no doubt that mobile is beginning to take over the market," Schlegel says. "Projections show that by 2016 there will be more mobile searches than desktop."

Joining Schlegel for a deep dive into the constantly changing arena of apartment search are The Bozzuto Group Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jamie Gorski and Sequoia Equities Director of Marketing, Lisa Trapp. Moderating the panel is G5 Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Dan Roehl. In addition to high level look at apartment search from the Google perspective, including a look into the impact of Google+ and ratings and reviews on search results, Gorski and Trapp will apply Schlegel's Google insights to operator best practices for SEO, online reputation management, search engine marketing, and paid advertising, all with an eye toward how apartment owners and managers can best adjust their marketing budget dollars for maximum success.

"Most owners and apartment marketers are still looking for solid information on how people are searching," explains Trapp. "You can't be afraid to take some risks and evaluate your marketing spend based on the effectiveness of your leads and reallocate that money into some of the opportunities that we'll hose today. The worst that could happen is that you'll get better information to share with your owners about budget dollars and where they are best spent."

The New Age of Search: The Apartment Search Shake-Up will also look at creating compelling, successful, media-rich web platforms for optimum prospect conversion, and address the impacts of SEO and search engine marketing to traditional multifamily marketing channels. "The vast majority of apartment searchers are beginning on-line, and an even higher percentage of those searchers are ranking search engines as one of their primary sources, so building high quality web site traffic is becoming more critical than ever," says Roehl. "Google has made major changes in the way that search results are organized and served up to apartment seekers and its only the most search-savvy and progressive apartment marketers who won't be left behind."

Don't be left behind - catch The New Age of Search: The Apartment Search Shake-Up panel presentation on Thursday June 20 from 10:45 a.m. - Noon at the San Diego Convention Center.