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Virginia is For Lovers

Both my biggest dream and greatest fear is meeting a potential love interest at my apartment community. The dream being that it’s a delightful “Meet Cute” and there’s no commute (I had to pay a highway toll to visit my ex-boyfriend). The fear being that you break up and have to see this horrible person’s face every time you want to use the pool.

Then again, in order to meet someone at my community, I would probably need to attend community events and/or speak to my neighbors. So yeah, probably not going to meet someone.

But for people who have a strong sense of community—such as the residents at Edward Rose & Sons’ The Enclave Apartments—there’s a good chance love is in the air.

The urban-style community west of Richmond, Va., is as family-oriented as it gets, with property managers, leasing agents and residents all looking out for one another—romantic and otherwise.

“We actually just had our first Enclave engagement!” says Leasing Agent Kariss Rogers. “The groom-to-be came into the office not too long ago to let me know that he never would have met his fiancée if he hadn’t lived here. It’s such a great feeling to know that we’re fostering these kinds of connections.”

Though I cannot confirm this story, I’d like to imagine they met while reaching for the same toothpick of artisanal cheese at a resident Happy Hour. 

Intimate details of their love story aside, there’s a reason The Enclave was named the 2014 NAA Community of the Year. It’s residents first, real estate second.

The 254-unit community is adjacent to the Midlothian Mines Park, a 9-acre park converted from a historic mining area that now offers a fishing lake, amphitheater and paved walking and cycling paths. One of the first major industrial sites in the United States, the land reopened as a park in 2004 and has since complemented The Enclave.

Yet there’s plenty of natural beauty to admire onsite, too. The Enclave includes two dedicated acres of wetland and habitat preservation, drawing in experienced bird watchers and everyday nature lovers alike. 

The perfect place to meet a strapping young outdoorsman. Preferably wearing a flannel. 

For more on the 2014 NAA Community of the Year, check out “New Dominion” in the August issue of units Magazine, which mails Aug. 10.

Lauren Boston is NAA’s Staff Writer and Manager of Public Relations. Unsurprisingly, she writes a lot—most often for units Magazine and as a weekly blogger for APTly Spoken. She enjoys making people laugh, sharing embarrassing childhood stories and being the (self-proclaimed) Voice of the Apartment Industry. She welcomes feedback, unless it’s negative (in which case, please keep it to yourself).