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Top Tips for Successful Community Landscape Care

Community appearance – “curb appeal” – is crucial to attracting new tenants and keeping existing ones happy, and property managers understand the obvious: Common areas require regular maintenance, including having the turf mowed regularly. But landscape care doesn’t end with the weekly “mow and blow.” There are other aspects of a quality landscape-management strategy that can help ensure your community keeps up appearances while keeping administration efficient.

  • Analyze Your Needs. Property managers overseeing multiple developments demand reliable service in all locations. Businesses that have nationwide service networks bring consistency and efficiency to these multi-location companies – including one invoice for all services. Get peace of mind knowing your commercial landscape management company can provide the same look and service for your community in Denver as well as for the property you drive by every day in Dallas.

  • Clear the Path. Whether strolling to the mailbox or walking the dog, chances are your residents like to – and need to – get outside. Make sure pathways (paved and unpaved) are maintained regularly, well-placed for optimum use and free of weeds and overgrowth. Not only does this give grounds an orderly appearance, it encourages pathway use while discouraging residents from blazing their own trails.

  • Instant “Chia Pets.” Quick clean-ups are the mark of landscape-management efficiency, but sometimes they can create new, mobile shrubs. Air-blowing clippings carelessly onto the nearest paved surface can result in the dreaded car “chia pet” look and irritate residents. Most likely, very few of your residents are looking to create mobile topiaries, so make sure you have a landscape-management company that knows to blow away from parking lots.

  • Hire a Professional. Sure, Joe Smith with a lawn mower could cut the grass – but is he dependable, efficient and respected? A landscaping provider has broad access to your communities. Do your research, check references and conduct detailed interviews before hiring a company. Cutting corners or settling for the cheapest option can result in sloppy service or worse, a safety issue for tenants and management.

  • Consider Color. Seasonal plantings or incorporating native perennial plants boost a community’s curb appeal. Flowers and colorful shrubs provide a “homey” feel and can be a relatively low-cost way to spruce up a property.

  • Don’t Make Mountains Out of Ant Hills. Live in a relatively flat area? Make sure you have a quality landscape-management company that won’t turn a blind eye to ant hills, or soon you’ll have Alps-size mounds creating obstacles and potential health issues for residents.
  • Stay Green and Save Green. Summer is in full force, and for those most fortunate in many parts of the country, that means rainy season also is here. Consider cutting back on irrigation – and allow nature to lend a hand – to conserve resources and money.    

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