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Top 10 Social Media Priorities for Apartment Marketers

When a property management company calls, usually the only thing they know is that they need help with social media! But, help with what exactly? That’s when the call can become quiet.
“You tell us.” There are so many ways we can help, but we need to clarify the situation, realize the opportunities for improvement, and then establish your priorities.What have you done to-date? If you’ve already gotten started, will we need to work backwards to cover the basics?
Here’s a Top-10 checklist to help prioritize your social media marketing needs when hiring a consultant.
Ask if your consultant/social media manager:
1. Provides guidelines for policies, work in conjunction with the legal and HR departments to finalize and distribute mandatory employee policies.

2. Creates processes for monitoring all pages and activity from a management-level, including a crisis strategy and procedure.

3. Provides training for different levels of activity. For example, all employees need basic social networking training (privacy, security) but those managing the individual community pages need specialized, hands-on training.
4. Develops a comprehensive evaluation of online presences and lists opportunities for improvement (email, website, social networks).

5. Creates basic corporate social media strategies and develops individual social media strategies depending on the needs of each community.

6. Determines measurable goals, tools and tactics.
7. Creates sample and actual content calendars for posting.
8. Brainstorms for creative marketing initiatives to spread the word about the pages online and to reward participating community members.
9. Provides high-level management and consistently branded Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc.
10. Shares ideas for integration of social strategy throughout marketing initiatives.
Some of these tasks are more easily done by a consultant and some are best done in-house. There are advantages to hiring a consultant – time/availability and experience are the best reasons. Determine which priorities need to come first and hire appropriately. Consultants can work within your budget, based on your priorities, and point you in the right direction!