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Through the Perilous Fight

I recently had the opportunity to attend the USA vs. Panama game at Century Link Field in Seattle. It was a day of patriotic celebration and happiness. Fireworks, fútbol chants and team spirit filled the streets of Pioneer Square. This was a match to remember. 

The scarves that we received as part of the pricey ticket package sported the slogan “Through the Perilous Fight.” After hanging it on my wall and kicking my feet up on my bed after work the next day, I began interpreting what that statement really meant and why they chose to include it on our souvenir scarves. 

What this slogan ultimately meant was that through the most dangerous and risky battles, you must fight strong to protect what is yours and reach your goal. You’re fully aware of the consequences when you make the commitment to the team. Once you put that jersey on your back, you’re making a promise to your teammates that you will unite with them and strive for the win, no matter what hardships arise. For these players, the end result—seeing the ball in the net and the crowd go wild at the 90th minute—is worth all of the struggle and effort put into training, practicing, winning and sometimes losing. It’s all part of a love for the game.

To relieve your confusion of how this correlates to property management, let me put this into perspective. An apartment owner purchases a building. They acknowledge the benefit of a property management company coming in and orchestrating residents moving to and from, keeping up the property’s physical appearance and other maintenance tasks. The owner hires the firm. The firm receives notice and advertises a vacancy. A prospect applies and is moved in. 

All of the sudden, the property which began as a lone building with no commitments, obligations or staff, is operated by a chain of commands comprised of multiple individuals. With the snap of a finger, different personalities, habits, morals and ways of accomplishing tasks are affecting this one building, which ultimately instigates a risk factor. 

Facilitating workflow within your business is the ultimate goal, but this is not accomplished without acknowledging circumstances of risk. The best step to take with your property is to hire a property management company who is aware of the implications of risk and has a process designed to deal with it. An effective risk management plan is a process of identification, assessment and prioritization. A successful property management company has confidence, generates ideas and promotes good practice. 

Every owner wants to maximize their opportunities through business and reputation. A property management company will build trust if they determine potential risk and handle it in a way best suited to investment objectives. Utilizing a good screening company, hiring a capable maintenance team with integrity and having good insurance options are all factors in a successful risk management plan. Hiring a company to look over and maintain your properties who acknowledge the perilous will secure your investment in the long run. 

Through the perilous, fight, and your efforts will prove your unconditional love for the game. 

Lauren Ginder works as a marketing manager for Pacific Crest Property Management where she integrates brand loyalty into their network of employees, owners and residents. She can be reached at 206.812.9144 or via email.