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Take the Revenue Management Renewal Quiz!

Can your residents renew their leases electronically? Does social media marketing improve renewals? What’s the average percentage capture of renewals in multifamily: 30 percent? 40 percent? More than 50 percent?

Take the six-question Apartment Revenue Management Renewals Survey and find out the answers during the Baby Come Back: Best Practices in Renewal Analytics session at the 2013 Apartment Revenue Conference. In addition to sharing survey results, AvalonBay Communities Director of Revenue Management Rajiv Verma and TriBridge Residential Operations Manager Randall Wynne will join Revenue Edge President and session moderator Stacy Westbay for a deep dive into apartment renewal strategies powered by revenue management.

With pricing transparency keeping residents in the know on going rates, apartment managers looking for renewals need to manage projected rent growth, current demand, propensity to renew, and the associated turn costs for non-renewals in order to maximize revenue and stay in the good graces of the consumer.  Get an update on renewal compliance rates and lease term compliance and hear how real-life renewal managers would change-up their systems and tactics if they could.

Make sure to register today for the 2013 Apartment Revenue Conference and mark your conference agenda for this exclusive preview of renewal survey results and real-world operator insight into the current state of renewals.