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Summer Lovin'...Had Me A Blast

Every summer I write down a list of things I can’t wait to do. Go to an amusement park, watch outdoor movies, save enough money to get an invasive procedure that will shut off my sweat glands—everything that makes this a truly special time of year.

But my favorite thing is going to the beach. Unfortunately, I always end up misjudging a wave, which breaks too early and sends me somersaulting underwater like a rag doll in a washing machine. When I surface, I typically have a small panic attack before realizing I still have use of my limbs. I also realize that some portion of my body previously covered by my bathing suit is now exposed.

Once I’ve collected myself and shifted everything back into place, I like to hit the boardwalk. I’m an incredibly competitive individual and nothing pleases me more than showing up a bunch of 10-year-olds at a not-so-friendly game of skeeball. Oversized, useless plush animals in tow, I then head to one of the food stands for a funnel cake. Inevitably, the powdered sugar takes my breath away and for a good six or seven seconds I’m convinced I will die at the hands of a battered dessert.

The following morning, I wake up and discover that I’ve properly applied sunblock on 95 percent of my body. The other 5 percent—typically a random, Kentucky-shaped strip on my foot—is blood red and requires immediate globs of aloe vera.

Still, the sand in places it shouldn’t be and peeling skin aren’t enough to keep me away. I just love my summer vacation.

So, too, does Janet Dickey.

In the June issue of units, the guest End Points columnist and Senior Training Director for Berkshire Property Advisors LLC shares the 10 things she loves about summer vacation—none of which include choking to death on powered sugar.

While vacationing in Ocean City, Md., every summer, Dickey says she loves being able to step away from the office, without a schedule, BlackBerry or a calendar full of appointments to distract her. It’s all about relaxing.

To help her decompress, Dickey says she loves staying up late watching Conan O’Brian, sipping coffee in bed and reading “The Hunger Games”—all things I will say about myself if I ever join Throw in some Maryland blue crabs, beer on ice and corn-on-the-cob and she’s perfectly content.

Dickey says she also hits the outlets with her daughters, setting aside a day to stop at The Coach Factory, Polo Ralph Lauren, PacSun, rue21 and Harry & David. I usually skip the outlets and head straight for the Cracker Barrel down the road, where I inhale a plate of Maine blueberry pancakes, but hey—whatever makes you happy. Or diabetic.

For more of Dickey’s favorite summertime activities, check out End Points in the June issue of units, which mailed June 8.

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