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Social Marketing for Military Housing

I’m so excited to be presenting at the National Apartment Association Conference this year, especially because of the topic! Combine my military experience with my social media experience and then add my love for the multifamily industry and we’ll have a perfect recipe for a session! Marketing Boot Camp: Marketing to Today’s Military Families will have four parts. The portion I am presenting will be Social Marketing for Military Housing.

Now that we’ve privatized military housing, our marketing and retention tactics require a unique approach. Attracting, retaining and resident programs are specialized.  Each military community must focus on the needs of their community in a way that conventional communities may not. Military communities are made up of a diverse group of families and individuals that come from across the country to live in the same community. Assisting these families and individuals adapt is challenging, to say the least! One way your community can help is by implementing a robust social communications strategy.

Many military communities haven’t started using social marketing platforms to communicate with their residents. This 20 minute session is designed for beginners who have either not begun or have just started implementing their community social marketing strategy.

I will begin my presentation by discussing the basics of social media. How and why should our military community use social media? We’ll then review the steps that you should take to get your community started online. After we’ve covered the basics, we will review common concerns and challenges military communities may face when participating in online conversation. Are there any pitfalls military communities should avoid?

Next we will discuss how your military community can think BIGGER!  I’ll answer questions like “Should each individual military community have a page?” and “How do we expand our network?”

Military families have different needs and expectations, but what do they want to see online from their community? We’ll review all of these topics and if time allows we will have a question and answer forum. On that note, please feel free to submit your questions in advance. I will attempt to answer as many as possible during the course of the presentation and Q&A.

Please join us on Thursday, June 23 at 10:45 a.m.  at the 2011 NAA Education Conference and Exposition for our session, Marketing Boot Camp: Marketing to Today’s Military Families with speakers Jennifer Calandrillo, Susan Weston, Larry Fredrich and Charity Hisle. Learn more about our session online.