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Show Us Your Curbs

I was taught to never judge a book by its cover. I was also taught that the customer is always right and if a boy makes fun of you, he likes you.

A lot of lies straight to my face.

If a customer is clipping her elderly husband’s fingernails while you are taking their food order at a pizzeria, they are not right. And news flash, when a boy ties part of your jacket to your desk so that when you get up to use the pencil sharpener, you drag the entire piece of furniture with you, he does not like you. And you will not date until college.

And finally, if the cover of a book—or the outside of an apartment—is busted, no one’s even giving the inside a chance.

Like it or not, curb appeal is a critical component to any successful apartment community. This year, units Magazine is holding its third annual curb appeal contest to recognize these properties that really got it going on. 

Last year we received nearly 75 entries from a variety of communities, ranging in type, age, location and budget. Winners were recognized for everything from Best Use of Flowers to Best Ambiance and Best Statue. So if you’ve got a bronze garden gnome spicing up the front lawn, we want to see it.

And of course the most coveted award of all—Best in Show. It’s like winning Miss America, but without the swimsuit competition. 

This year’s contest is now open, and we’re looking for submissions! Please send NAA’s Paul Bergeron your best “curb appeal” photo and a description (100 words or less) about why your curb appeal strategy works.

Entries must be submitted by noon ET Friday, May 30. They must include a high-resolution photo (4x6 inches at 300 dpi) to be considered. You may submit multiple entries. The decision to publish a photo entered for the July cover is up to the discretion of NAA’s units Magazine.

So don’t be shy—we want to see your curves. Your curbs. I meant your curbs.

Lauren Boston is NAA’s Staff Writer and Manager of Public Relations. Unsurprisingly, she writes a lot—most often for units Magazine and as a weekly blogger for APTly Spoken. She enjoys making people laugh, sharing embarrassing childhood stories and being the (self-proclaimed) Voice of the Apartment Industry. She welcomes feedback, unless it’s negative (in which case, please keep it to yourself).