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Shifting Shoppers: The Convergence of Search, Social, Mobile & Reputation Management

Over the past year, search, social, mobile and reputation management strategies have begun converging to form an extremely powerful method for increasing fundability, generating leads and driving traffic to properties. With customers adopting new technologies faster than businesses can implement them, making an impact in the digital realm has never been more daunting. With mobile shopping increasing, tablet use exploding and the integration between disciplines and platforms deepening, marketers need to understand the dynamic and bring the shopping experience to the consumer now more than ever. Join us as we explore where shoppers are headed and how the convergence is meeting these needs.

Join our timely panel: Shifting Shoppers: The Convergence of Search, Social, Mobile & Reputation Management on Thursday 6/20 from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. in Room 20A. There’s nothing better as a moderator to have a great panel, and boy do I have one.

After setting the stage, I will then turn things over to our fascinating panelists.

First, the panel includes Jessie Prunell, Account Executive with Google's Real Estate group, assisting customers with digital marketing. Jessie will be taking a 30,000’ view, sharing fascinating research, as well as covering how all this applies to Google's perspective on mobile and search. She’ll tie all of this in with the 90/30 rule as well as the zero moment of truth concept.

Following Jessie, the audience will hear from Erica Campbell Byrum, the Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media (For Rent Media Solutions and Erica will cover everything from the convergence of social / search / reputation management and crowdsourcing to paid and earned media. She has some great research to share regarding online searches, searches via mobile, etc.

Our third panelist is Stephanie Haefner, who is Vice President - Interactive Marketing for Madison Apartment Group based in Philly. Stephanie will focus on the real world application of everything Jessie and Erica will cover. She will discuss the dynamic, diverse and immensely successful service, social and reputation management program she has implement – and how it has impacted everything from lead generation to the resident experience and her ability to leverage it all online.

Following each of their presentations, we will have a rapid-fire Q and A session where I will be throwing out a number of topics for the panelists to discuss. Of course we will be leaving ample time for an audience-led Q and A session as I’m sure everyone will have questions for these three outstanding panelists!

We hope you can join us!