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Seven Tips to Market Apartments

Do you have something that is visibly better than your competitor? Show it to your buyers with side-by-side comparisons. Be truthful and don’t exaggerate!

  1. Sell your USP (Unique Sales Point) visibly and dramatically. Think of your best selling feature, then showcase it! Make sure your USP is different than your competitors’. If your competitors can say the same thing, it’s not a unique selling point.
  2. Let the prospect know what you can do for them. Next, describe in detail how their lives will look. Finally, provide proof of what you are saying. Now you are ready to reveal the price since you let the prospect know how their lives will be better, you painted the picture of how their lives will be better, and you’ve given them proof on how their lives will be better. You’ll feel comfortable saying the price since the prospect is now aware of the true value of your community and will be ready to take action.
  3. Say: I can confidently say know who my future residents are, where to find them, and the benefits and features my apartment community have that meet their needs. If I don't know this, I'll find out!
  4. If a resident is moving out, ask if they have a friend or coworker who may want the apartment. This very effective referral network saves money in ads and rent loss.
  5. A clever idea is a gumball machine - Give a quarter to prospects after a tour. The different colored gumballs are different promotions. For example, a red gumball is a free application fee, a yellow gumball is a reduced security deposit, etc. EVERYONE gets the same chance/offer.
  6. Tag lines are the last thought you leave with your buyer, so the more creative and memorable, the better.
  7. The #1 reason consumers follow a company on Facebook is to receive discounts – a whoppin’ 40 percent! Offering a free cup of coffee works!

The 2013 NAA Education Conference & Exposition education session "From Notepads to iPads: Marketing, Leasing and Resident Retention Ideas!" is on Friday, June 21 at 9:45 a.m. See you in San Diego!