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Application Deadline Extended to March 14 for Scholarships to Attend NAAEI Leadership Experience

Many of you have probably heard by now of the NAAEI Leadership Experience, which is a two-day course that teaches mid-level managers how to successfully lead, inspire and motivate. What you may not realize is that we are offering two scholarships to attend the course, and the March 14 application deadline is quickly approaching.

The Alexandra Jackiw Leadership Scholarship and the William W. Wollinger Leadership Scholarship were created last fall to honor two industry leaders who have supported apartment industry education and career promotion. The qualification requirements vary slightly for each.

  • The Alexandra Jackiw Leadership Scholarship is open to minority apartment industry employees with the goal of increasing the number of minority apartment industry leaders to better reflect our increasingly diverse society.
  • The William W. Wollinger Leadership Scholarship is open to apartment industry employees who—like Wollinger--are military veterans.

Each scholarship covers tuition and travel to a NAAEI Leadership Experience, as well as travel costs for recipients to meet in person with either Jackiw or Wollinger for a mentoring session. Information on applying for these scholarships may be found on the NAAEI Leadership Experience webpage. All applications must be submitted by the close of business on Friday, March 14, to Kimberly McCrossen.

The idea for the NAAEI Leadership Experience came through conversations we had with industry executives who pointed out the lack of leadership training for people in the apartment industry. They have found that a knowledge gap often exists when a person is promoted into a mid-level management role. This course helps fill that gap by covering topics such as developing personal leadership, coaching for performance, building trust and credibility among employees and communicating to lead. Dale Carnegie Training is partnering with us on the course.

We held our first class in Atlanta in November and now will be offering it several times a year in locations around the country. In fact, two of the courses will take place in the coming weeks--one in Dallas (April 1-2) and one in Baltimore (April 30-May 1).

We hope that you will help us spread the word about this important new program. Also, please encourage any minority or military veteran apartment industry employees you might know to apply for the Alexandra Jackiw and William W. Wollinger leadership scholarships before the March 14 deadline.

Maureen Lambe, CAE, is the Executive Vice President of the National Apartment Association Education Insititute. You can reach her via email.