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Pushing Potential Forward: The Expanded Scope of the Apartment Revenue Management Conference

What does the 2013 Apartment Revenue Management Conference (Sept. 23-25, Turnberry Isle Resort, Miami) have to do with the New York Times and the Dalai Lama? Call it an intense focus on data-driven business solutions.

Five years ago only a handful of institutional-sized adopters embraced analytic, algorithmic pricing technology. Now a critical mass of apartment owners and operators large and small are implementing the practice and revenue management has finally come to its own within the multifamily industry. And along with it a hunger for ways to leverage and cross-pollinate the vast amounts of suddenly visible customer data in property management and CRM systems, as well as lead attribution platforms, social media, and Internet advertising platforms and search engines.

A recent article at FastCompany profiling Bitly’s chief scientist, Hilary Mason, reminds us we’re not alone in a business evolution. Our marketers, technologists, asset managers, and executives are all contributing in a creative effort to decipher the opportunities that our data can present. “Meet the Data Scientist: How Hilary Mason Turns Research Into Business Solutions” recounts how Mason and her team created Realtime, an electronic atlas of all of those URL links shortened by Bitly for use on Facebook, Twitter and across the Internet.

With users from the aforementioned The New York Times to The Dalai Lama, Realtime mathematically determines what the world is paying attention to on the web, and displays that information in a bundled story interface further cross-sectioned by global and regional geography. Mason describes her job as a combination of pure research, exploring, and engineering. The article continues to delve into the ways data scientists and corporate teams are solving business problems not immediately apparent and turning research into “something unexpected” through creative leaps.

That sounds to us a lot like the intent of the 2013 Apartment Revenue Management Conference. We will endeavor to push the multifamily business process evolution forward, further and faster with an enhanced and expanded look at all things revenue – from pricing software to ancillary income, cost-savings analyses, CRM systems, and even secret shopping.

1. New Ancillary Income Ideas
2. Asset Valuation Forecasting: Black Swans and the Top 5 Things You Can't Control
3. Customer Relationship Management Systems and Business Intelligence
4. Top 10 Submarkets Situation Room
5. Expense Reductions: Making Money by Saving Money
6. Untapped Arbitrage: Resident Satisfaction Scoring
7. Secret Shopping and Pricing Discussions Gone Wrong
8. Can You Beat the System? Human vs. Algorithm
9. Baby Come Back: The Best in Renewal Analytics
10. Better Input = Better Output: Benchmarking and Comps
11. Owners Only: Revenue Management Roundtable
12. Budgeting and Deal Underwriting: The Excel Era is Over
13. In the Hot Seat: Top New Revenue and Asset Management Companies

Mason says technology should give us super powers, to make meaning out of massive data and “push potential forward.” We invite you to push your potential forward at the Apartment Revenue Management Conference. Register today to join us in the expanded and enhanced conversation of driving better apartment revenue.