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Players Only: Owner and Manager Roundtable on Revenue Management

The multifamily industry has a long history of peer collaboration. From operational best practices to supplier and system recommendations to appropriate benchmarking metrics and all kinds of reference points in between, it’s not uncommon for owners and managers to tap into peer and comp sets for experience, advice, and new ideas. In a conference atmosphere, that tactical networking is often muted by the tendency to “play nice” in the presence of our supplier and media partners. Until now.

The 2013 Apartment Revenue Management Conference will feature a closing revenue management roundtable session for owners and managers only. Featuring a panel of revenue management veterans and new-to-the-scene adopters including LumaCorp Inc. Executive Vice President Ian Mattingly, Alliance Residential Executive Vice President Brad Cribbins, Holland Residential Director of Revenue Management Bryan Pierce and Gables Residential Vice President of REIT Operations Donna Summers, this closed-door session is intended to discuss industry opportunities and wide-ranging challenges from a player-only perspective.

Apartment Revenue Management Conference Roundtable Speakers

Have a question about revenue management systems? Want to learn more about executive and on-site training? Wondering about implementation, empirical research, career paths or future trends? Any owner or manager attendee can bring questions and ask the panel or other members of the group for input or assistance.

And for the mavericks and innovators, we’re also planning a companion session Beyond Buzzwords: Real Improvements in the Revenue Management Customer Experience featuring Dr. Kelly McGuire, Ph.D, Executive Director, Hospitality and Travel Global Practice for SAS Institute, Inc., an interactive speaker known for challenging the status quo when it comes to the features, functionality, and application of new revenue management technologies.  Dr. McGuire will excite us with the potential of revenue management, and challenge attendees to go home with a broader, energized vision of what the future can be in providing a high-value experience that leads to revenue growth.  Product developers, senior managers, vendors, thought leaders and people just bored with revenue management should come for an expanded vision of where RM can take us.

Register for the 2013 Apartment Revenue Management Conference September 23-25 at Turnberry Isle Miami. We hope to see you there!