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Part Two: Be Engaging...On Facebook

Here are some more tools and tips on how you can use Facebook to benefit your community.

Be Unique

In order to set the Facebook vanity url for your fan page, there are several things which need to be in place first.

  • You need to be admin of the page in question
  • You need to have 25 “likes” or “Fans”
  • You need to know the name you want for your community’s page because once you set it, you can never edit or transfer it.

To create your pages url, click on “Edit Profile” and choose “Marketing” from the left-hand side, then select “Create Alias”. 

Be Proactive

According to Facebook, “Places is a Facebook mobile application that allows you to see where your friends are and share your physical location. You can check in to nearby Places to tell your friends where you are, tag your friends in the Places you visit, and view comments your friends have made about the Places you visit. Use Places to experience Facebook in a completely new way by connecting with your friends in the real world.”

With Facebook Places, you can easily share where you are, what you're doing, and the friends you're with. . It helps people discover new places or businesses by seeing where their friends are.

Here are some benefits to adding your community to Facebook Places:

  • It will come up when people try to check in to anywhere nearby (building awareness)
  • By people checking in it will appear in their Facebook newsfeed (brand awareness)
  • You can add more information about your community to the check in description (website, phone number, address, etc.), so when they check in on their phone they find out more about your community instantly
  • If people find you on Facebook while on their computer they can get directions to your community

It is quite challenging to add your business to Places, especially without a smartphone!  The best description I found on the Internet that led me through it quite painlessly is the website for Dummies.

Be Apps Friendly

Questions App— Sometimes you just need a little feedback. That’s what social engagement is all about, right Questions and polls can be published to your page wall/feed, live on a custom tab or be popped into your left-hand navigation where visitors can click anytime they come to your page. You can invite your Fans to take a poll, and they can easily share it as they would any other post or app. Best of all, everyone can see the poll results without leaving Facebook.

Promotions App— Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your residents and prospects. A chance at some free stuff (like free application free, free pet rent, etc.) is one of the top reasons people follow and friend brands in the first place. ThePromotions app makes it easy to build and publish a contest on Facebook in a way that is inherently social and shareable.

YouTube for pages App— If creating video content is part of your community’s social media strategy (and we recommend it should be) you can squeeze more views out of your productions by dedicating a Fan Page tab to your YouTube channel.