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New Student Housing Research Shows How to Reach Today’s Digital Savvy Renter

It’s no secret: College students aren’t the easiest demographic group to reach. They’re stressed, low on free time, and have a notoriously short attention span. Add in today’s ever-increasing technology and digital mediums, and you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands. 

For off-campus housing communities, it’s imperative to understand how student renters search, what they look for in a community, and what factors influence them to stay.™ surveyed over 1,000 college students in order to help you better understand the online search expectations of today’s student renter. 

The results, which are summarized in a new white paper, shed light on current student search trends, and provide communities with resources for marketing to this unique demographic.  A few highlights are summarized below. 

What students are looking for:

Not surprisingly, 75 percent of students surveyed said that price is the top consideration when searching for a new off-campus apartment. But students aren’t solely fixated on price — they are value seekers looking for communities that provide unique amenities, proximity to campus and a positive reputation. 

Once students find properties that meet the top three factors (price, distance, reputation), then they’ll delve into the off-campus apartment search more deeply by comparing amenities, features, floorplans, and video and will then engage through social media with of all communities that meet their requirements for price, distance, and reputation.

By making price, distance to campus and reputation information immediately visible to student renters, your community has an advantage—after all, you will have provided the most important information right at students’ fingertips! Pique their interest with eye-catching photos and videos showcasing your property, and highlight the features and amenities available to renters that fit their lifestyle.

Also, be sure to keep close tabs on your community’s reputation. Almost a quarter of students said a community’s reputation was a top consideration. Today’s student renter frequently expresses their opinions online, and it’s important that your community appears responsive to these comments. 

For more information on today’s student renter, including information on device usage and decision-making, download the Connect & Discover: Today’s Digital Savvy Student Renter  whitepaper

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