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NBC (von) Trapped Me

When the dog bites—lawsuit! When the bee stings—grab the Epipen! When I’m feeling sad—Carrie Underwood playing Maria von Trapp. I simply remember my favorite things—you go, Julie Andrews—and then I don’t feel so bad.

In addition to the original—correction: only—Sound of Music, units Magazine has a few more favorite (and not so favorite) things as we head into the new year. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s time for our annual Apartment Trends for 2014: What’s IN and What’s OUT.

But before we get to that, I wanted to share a few items from my own list. Warm woolen mittens and whiskers on kittens not included.

In: Getting high.

I’m talking Denver altitude, people. This year we’re heading to the Mile High City for the 2014 NAA Education Conference & Exposition in June. It’s one of the cities I’ve yet to check off my travel list and I’m excited to see just how many nose bleeds I get while covering the education sessions. 

But don’t let the elevation scare you—because we’re going to elevate your career to new heights. (Do you see what I did there?) And if you do happen to notice a certain…smell…while you’re there, just listen to this sage advice my mom gave me at my first rock concert: “Don’t breathe it in, Lauren!”

Out: Lying low.

The days of keeping a low profile, hiding out and remaining inconspicuous—totally didn’t just Google the definition of “lying low”—at work are long gone. Today’s most effective leaders are encouraging their employees to speak up, get creative and embrace their unique personalities and the ways in which they like to learn and work. 

I recently completed a Myers-Briggs personality assessment at work and learned that I am an INJF. According to the test facilitator, this is the exact opposite of what most businesses traditionally seek out and reward. In other words, I’m lucky to have a job.

This also means that I like a lot of alone time, care about things like “feelings” and am hypersensitive to conflict. I could have told you this the first time my Mom sent an undercooked steak back to the kitchen. You say “raw meat,” I say “horribly uncomfortable confrontation.”

But being the beautiful and unique INFJ snowflake that I am, I’m going to embrace these traits in the workplace instead of concealing them. 

Unless I’m interviewing for another job, in which case—call me ESTJ.

In: Charlotte Hornets

This summer the NBA announced that after making the worst decision of their entire lives, the Charlotte Bobcats would return to the Charlotte Hornets for the 2014-2015 season. The news stung the feline world, but my inner 12-year-old rejoiced. 

In middle school I was a walking billboard for the team, frequently wearing Charlotte Hornet sweaters, swish pants, jerseys and hats to class and insisting Mom make my birthday cakes “Charlotte Hornet” themed. 

Come October, I plan to spend my 28th birthday in similar fashion, attending the Charlotte Hornets home opener. I plan to cheer on Mugsy Bogues, admire the sound of nylon rubbing against nylon and thank God for the time machine to 1997.

Out: Thomas from “My Girl.”

You had to get the mood ring, Thomas?! You know you’re allergic to bees!

For more, check out “units 2014 In & Out” in the January issue, which mailed Jan. 8.