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We've Uncovered The Mobile Search Solution. You'll Never Believe What It Is

Do You Know the Significance of Dec. 25, 2015?

Something extraordinary is going to occur on Dec. 25, 2015--and; it has nothing to do with Santa Claus or reindeer.

The answer: According to Google, mobile search will overtake desktop search queries worldwide. It's easy to believe that mobile search queries will soon outdistance PC searches at Google. After all, almost all of us are now multi-screening. According to Google, 90 percent of technology users use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a single task. Of those, 98 percent move between devices on the same day. 

It’s certainly become easier to move between devices. After all, we have a lot of more of them to deal with today, including:  

    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • Tablet
    • TV
    • Wearable Technology--think Google Glass
    • Touch-Screen dashboards in Wi-Fi enabled cars


Because of the search habits and growth within the multifamily housing industry, it's even more important for your website to satisfy multiple screen types. 

How does your site look on the smaller screen of a smartphone? A tablet? In car? Or on the new wearable technologies? 

If the answer is, “Not too good,” or even, "I don't know," it's not a matter of whether you're losing business, but how much you're losing. A bad mobile experience will turn 40 percent of consumers to a competitor's site, according to the Google Mobile Playbook

There is a way to ensure your website won't turnoff prospective residents, and it's not developing multiple websites for each device or screen size. The method is adaptive design. 

With adaptive design, you'll be able to use the same content across multiple devices, but you'll be able to customize it for each device. Adaptive design allows you to pick and choose what is shown on each screen and determine the best order for displaying content  to maximize the user experience, whether the user is browsing your community website from their tablet, phone or car dashboard. 

You wouldn’t want to have apartment community that only satisfies 60 percent of your potential customers, so why would you promote your community on a website that inadvertently sends 40 percent of visitors to your competitor's site?

Bob Bentz is President of ATS Mobile--a mobile first digital agency in Philadelphia and Toronto that works with the multifamily housing industry.